Explore Bali, a fun and very beautiful holiday.

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After being satisfied to relax and swim in the Hotel, today we rushed to find food and this time we ate at Made's Warung, It is said that this place is a culinary legend in Bali, well the place is unique, but in terms of taste for me, win portions just like that. Lots of menn ...

After being full, then visiting the center of the grand souvenir of Bali, we will shop first. T-shirts, Pants, etc. We will try to swim tomorrow: D Then after shopping, we visit relatives who have a Fish Head Sop restaurant on Jl. Maluku II Denpasar. Well let's eat more ...: D

In the afternoon before sunset, we rushed to Tanah Lot to enjoy the view there. Very well here may be appropriate because of the moment of a long holiday many people take advantage of when visiting the region. The most memorable experience in this area was the chat with the coffee shop keepers who made us forget the night until late at night. He taught kindness, gave knowledge about coffee and about divinity and philosophy of life, after being satisfied then we returned to the Hotel to try dinner at the Hotel Restaurant.

Regard @mzakybrt

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