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The story of Senua Island The story of Senua Island is the story of the origin of Senua Island, which is located at the end of Tanjung Senubing, Bunguran Timur, Natuna, Riau Islands, Indonesia. The word senua in local language means one body with two bodies. According to the story, the island which is famous as a white swallow nest is an incarnation of a woman who is in a two body (pregnant) named Mai Lamah.

Once, in an area in Natuna, Riau Islands, there lived a poor couple. The husband was named Baitusen, while his wife was named Mai Lamah. One time, they decided to migrate to Bunguran Island to try their luck. They chose Bunguran Island because the area is known to have a lot of marine wealth, especially corals and snails. When he first stayed at Bunguran Island, Baitusen worked as a fisherman as was the case with most residents living on the island. Every day, he goes to the sea in search of snails (shells whose jewelry can be made), curves and pearls, and various types of shells. While his wife, Mai Lamah, helped her husband open the shells for jewelry. Baitusen and his wife were happy and at home staying at Bunguran Island, because the residents of the island showed a friendly and full of brotherhood. It so happened that their house was adjacent to the house of Mak Semah, a poor but kind village midwife.

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