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I admire your drive to compose, ánd to make it known to the world. I rarely compose, and if I do, feel too inhibited to show it to anyone. So, don't take this comment as criticism, I'm just someone being curious, based on how I perceived this work.

Listening to it, I could not help but to perceive the form as a bit uneven. The A- B- A' form is fo course obvious, with A and B each falling in two parts. I just wondered if it would be stronger to have both A and B in three parts, with the third part being a (short or altered) reminiscence of the first part. The first bars of A are lovely, both in melody and emotional impact. To my ears they beg for a more prominent place in the composition. That would make the composition more even in form and more even in emotional impact.
At least, that's how I think it would work out. It is for you to try it, or not, of course.

And if I make another suggestion: the title "Theater with Blank and Blank" is far more eye- and ear catching than "A simple day in may" which is, well a bit blank (pun intended).

Very good congratulations friend!