I was a bit surprised when you wrote you composed something for chruch service and it turned out to be piano music.
Guess I'm a bit single minded in thinking organ music is thé music for church. Nice piece though, certainly for 15 minutes of composing.

Do you have ever written something for organ?

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First of all, I appreciate your feedback very much! I will admit that I did not compose this in 15 minutes. The place I wrote that in the article was referring to a specific transition section in the piece. I wish I could compose that fast, but I don't event think I could copy this piece in 15 minutes, much less go through the process of writing it. I certainly appreciate your sentiment though!

I will also admit that I am quite new to the organ. I am trying to learn (through lessons with someone at the church which I am going to pay for with some of my salary). But for now, I have been sticking to piano for services. I would not say I have truly written anything for organ because I do not understand it enough yet to write competently for it. I would appreciate any advice you have for these beginning stages of learning (in regards to repertoire, understanding the instrument, and exercises). I hope to eventually be competent enough to write for the organ. Thank you again for taking the time to read this article, and thank you for your response!

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