Hive Open Mic, week 1 | Johann Michael Bach, In dulci jubilo

in #classical-music2 months ago

In a comment ot one of my other posts @cabelindsay invited my to participate in his initiative for a Hive Open Mic. I participated a few times in the Steem Open Mic when it still ran, so why not join this new initiative?

Though, my contribution is probably a bit different from most. I don't play guitar, I don't sing. But I do play the organ! Yeah.

The theme for this first week is "Sweeter than honey". That made me immediately think of an old song called "In dulci jubilo", which roughly translates as "in sweet rejoicing".

As it is a Christmas Carol, this is about the least appropiate time to play it. Yet it fits the theme, so here it is, anyway.

On the technical side: I use software called Hauptwerk, a sort of virtual organ sampler. The sample set I use is of the organ of the St. Martini, in Groningen, The Netherlands, produced by Sonus Paradisi (


Nice song selection, superb playing, and outstanding audio quality in this recording. Thank you for sharing the brilliance of this beauty. I enjoy knowing it's a Christmas carol—funny that it's out of season, and yet we might agree it is in timely alignment with the Easter holiday. :)

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