Classic Car issues before trip to Clarence.

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Car issues before trip to Clarence.


I have been quite lazy to write posts lately, but hopefully, this has changed now. The trip I am writing about already took place in mid June.

My brother and I and our spouses planned a trip, together with a local VW Beetle club, called Beetlemaniacs. The plan was to get around a 100 old classic air-cooled VW's together at a small town called Clarence.

The total round trip including some driving around in and around Clarence turned out to be just over a 1000km.

Rewinding a bit to the end of May, I was driving in my old 1968 VW Fastback, when I noticed something strange going on on the left back wheel. On closer inspection, after taking off the rear drum brake, I found that the brake lining came loose from the brake shoe and needed to be replaced - this was just 3 weeks before our trip.

On returning to the car to assemble the brakes again, I noticed some oil on the brake drum, that was not there, when I removed the brakes. The drum was lying under the driveshaft, and some oil was leaking from the drive shaft.


I then had to replace the seals on the drive shaft, which I did the next week. I thus decided to pack some spares and tools for the trip to Clarence as a precaution. Luckily this was not needed, the car behaved itself well over the entire trip.


Below, you can see a photo of my Fastback, and my brother's Beetle, early in the morning of our departure, on what turned out to be an epic trip with the old classic cars.


Hopefully, I will stop my laziness, and post on our trip soon.

I hope you enjoyed the post and that you have a wonderful day.


Long distance in a Beetle shudders maybe I just have issues because of the old battery placement. I've been in a Karman Ghia (fancy man's beetle) while it was on fire so I may be slightly biased. I do know beetles are fantastic cars. They're the worthy flagship of the "people's car" for a reason... And that sound is just unmistakable. What a beautiful collection of classics. It must have been lovely to share your passion. The other bonus is, of course, that there's no funny business or weird electronics and most minor problems can be fixed on the roadside. No diagnostic computer needed there!

Yes, the battery could be a problem, which was usually caused by people not replacing the cover over the battery and the back seat springs then shorting out the battery. I would love to have a Karman, but you almost never see any for sale, and when they come up, they are very expensive.

I still think they're gorgeous too. A fancy man's beetle and a poor man's porche. That's what they used to say anyway. Now, of course, they're so rare they're collectors items.

Almost still in mint condition!!

Yes, it definitely is one of the best ones still around.

On closer inspection, after taking off the rear drum brake, I found that the brake lining came loose from the brake shoe and needed to be replaced - this was just 3 weeks before our trip.

Lucky you spotted it man, and it did not happen out on the road. Cool car, by the way.... Nice one..

Yes, that was lucky, out on the road, it would have been a real problem.

I love the old VWs. !LOLZ

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I also love them a lot.

Good cars my friend.

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It's been a long journey in which we get to see something different every day in just a few months Some parts of your car have been damaged, you can get them fixed and go on your journey again.

Yes, luckily the old VW parts are still available.

better check the brake bro @rynow and by the way its a beautiful car

I am just glad, it happened before we went on the trip.

Thanks God brother

Fixing the car's brake and re-trip once after a month too, good luck.

Yes, and we had a great trip.