Convertible Golf GTi Mark 1

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Convertible Golf GTi Mark 1


Another interesting car that I saw while in Clarence, was this Mark 1, Golf GTi, Convertible. This is car that we did not have many off in South Africa, and even the normal Mark1 Gti's are becoming very scares.

This one was a Wolfsburg edition, which makes it even more special.


The car was in a very good and mostly original condition, which was quite nice.


I hope you enjoyed the post and that you have a wonderful day.


Beautiful view


Seems like quite a nifty little car! Pretty dope! Thanks for the post!

They are quite collectable these days.

Good heavens! I had a friend that had one in the 90S! White with the Grey roof too! They're IMPOSSIBLE to find! The only ones I've seen are totally wrecked. This one is just BEAUTIFUL!

Yes, that is the problem with these, cars the people never kept them original, this one really is still great.

I secretly want one! Actually, I want a 1980s box shape BMW coupe with a soft top. I had a maroon coupe MANY years but no soft top. Those were also raced and abused. Very hard to find. I love classic cars!

This is a wonderful car.You are also getting the number of ninety nine. Good luck

Thank you

Lovely 🌹