Update 2: CTP Content Challenge

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I just wanted to take this time to update and clarify some things with the challenge:


When creating a post you must use the tag ctpcontent, it must be listed as a tag in the post. Simply putting #ctpcontent inside your post will not work. This is how all posts will be tracked on my site. If you do not use the tag, your content will not be counted.

Unique Content

All content created for this challenge MUST be unique to you. This means that you cannot simply copy and paste a part of or a whole post created by another person, it will not be counted. All content will be manually verified AFTER you are marked as complete for the challenge. All posts created for the challenge are tracked and logged in a database for ease of access for manual verification. The only exception to the unique content rule is the use of images, if you use someone else's images, you MUST credit the original creator in your post. If you do not, your post will not count (This exception was emplaced on August 17. All content created prior to this rule will be accepted).

Hive Challenges and Events

Your posts MUST NOT be a part of another Hive Based challenge or event. For Example, if you create a post similar to MyAwesomeLife Day 3,475,284 for the MyAwesomeLife event or challenge, your post will not be counted. Another type of event or challenge that will not be counted is daily Actifit reports. The sheer majority of these posts are not unique in any manner and are not focused on building your brand or your business. Most of all, they normally do not help you increase your capabilities and skills as a content creator.

Random Prizes

Random prizes will be given out inconsistently to people that I feel have achieved or exceeded an objective with their brand, business, or account on Hive. The amount and specific token rewarded will be based on my opinion and what I think is objectively accurate for your achievement. There is no guarantee that a random prize will be given to anyone at any point throughout this challenge.

Updated Overview Page

I have updated the page at https://blainjones.com/ctpcontent to reflect the updated rules.

I have also added a sidebar to display all of the Random Prize winners as well as the amount they have won. All prizes will be transferred from my account (@blainjones) to the winner, which I will contact to see where they want their prize sent.

Last but not least, I have fixed the listings of everyone participating in the challenge. It now accurately reflects the days you have completed for the challenge and should update accordingly. If there is an issue, please contact me on telegram (@blainjones).

Once you have completed the challenge your name will receive and green check mark, but days will continue to be tracked. If you receive a green check mark for completing the challenge and then miss a day posting, your counter may reset to zero, but you are still tracked as having completed the challenge, so do not fret!

There are no rankings for this challenge, as everyone will share in the prize pool.

Daily Post Times

One of the common questions asked is what timezone is being used. Everything is based on the Hive post time in UTC. If Hive says your post was made on August 16th, even though your timezone was August 17th, then your posting day is August 16th.

The easiest way to ensure you are posting daily without flaw is to post your daily content at the same time each day. That way it does not matter when you posted in your local time. It will always be one day apart.



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Simply putting #ctpcontent inside your post will not work. This is not what rule 6 says in the original post!
6.You must use the tag #ctpcontent in your posts

Yes, that is why I wrote the update, to help clarify for everyone!