Art "Cabracerebro" / 藝術“Cabracerebro”

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Good afternoon friends of Steemit! I hope they are super good. Today, Monday, I present my creation with many details and effort and I share my work with you; my passion for Hispanic art = D Vale begin where we are in the "Marcalibros" "eyes guys this is my job with many details I hope it can be useful and take advantage of the drawing. I hope you like them so that the collection in your book "Cabracerebro" Until next time!

下午好,Steemit的朋友們!我希望他們超級好。今天,星期一,我向我的作品展示了許多細節和努力,我與你分享我的作品;我對西班牙藝術的熱情= D淡水河谷開始我們在“Marcalibros”的地方“眼睛夥伴這是我的工作,有很多細節我希望它有用並利用繪圖。我希望你喜歡它們以便收藏你的書“Cabracerebro”直到下一次!

Art "Cabracerebro" / 藝術“Cabracerebro”

Drawing process step by step  /  繪圖過程一步一步 

 Final Drawing /  最終繪圖 

Thank you very much to all who are with me in my blog, I really thank you in advance, they have observed my illustrations. I hope you like my creation that will devote time and effort, do not forget to leave your comments and give me your Upvote, you can also follow me in my instagram @ underworld_art_charles 

非常感謝所有與我在博客中的人,我真的非常感謝你,他們已經觀察了我的插圖。我希望你喜歡我的創作,花費時間和精力,別忘了留下你的評論並給我你的Upvote,你也可以關注我的Instagram @ underworld_art_charles
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