大自然自我清理| 大自然重新占据主导地位,人类如同蝼蚁/Nature cleans itself up. Nature is dominant again. Human beings are like ants

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From the Amazon fire in 2019 to the Australian fire and flood in 2020. Then came the global virus disaster - the new coronavirus. Of course, there is a plague of locusts that can not be ignored, and there is also a "Little Ice Age" that many people have ignored.

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in Wuhan, in the beginning, many people have not found the source of the virus, and it is said that it was caused by the people of Wuhan who ate bats, but Wuhan has always had the habit of eating bats. And the rumored new coronavirus came from the South China seafood market. As a result, the late investigation found that there was a human to the human event before the new coronavirus appeared in the South China seafood market.

人类看似已经发展得非常文明了,但这种文明真的特别具有局限性... ...在我个人看来,新冠病是一个大家族,这个大家族里有着不同分支的新冠病毒。
It seems that human beings have developed a very civilized civilization, but this kind of civilization really has its limitations... In my personal opinion, a new crown disease is a big family, which has different branches of the new crown virus.

And this outbreak of new coronavirus in a large area of the world, I personally think it is "intentional", which means that new coronavirus is consciously and purposefully attacking human beings.

虽然人类一直坚信科学,但大部分科学知识都是人类在现有条件下得出的。就好比“新冠病毒”,这个名字是人类给这种生命取的名字,或许... ...其实这种生命有着属于自己的名字。
Although human beings have always believed in science, most of the scientific knowledge comes from the existing conditions. It's like a "new coronavirus". The name is the name given to this life by human beings. Maybe... In fact, this life has its own name.

而为何新冠病毒会对人类发起攻击呢... ...从去年乃至今年的种种灾害、事件,我个人觉得这是大自然在进行自我清洁,自我杀毒,自我调节。而人类对于大自然来说就是人类口中所谓的“病毒”。
Why does the new coronavirus attack human beings? From last year and even this year's disasters and events, I personally feel that this is nature's self-cleaning, self detoxification and self-regulation. For nature, human beings are the so-called "viruses" in the human mouth.

Human beings are afraid of being infected by viruses, and so is nature. Now the earth is really seriously ill, and the root cause of all this lies in the large-scale activities of human beings. In this series of activities, most people only care about their own interests. When they forcibly ask for it from nature, they don't ask whether nature agrees or not.

When people are sick, they need to be injected and take medicine to recuperate. What's more, nature also has feelings and lives. And "new coronavirus" is nature's own anti-virus tool, after all, no one wants to get sick.

A long time ago, human civilization was not developed, and the overall quality of human beings was very good. Early people did not know that there was only one earth, and they needed to cherish and cherish the earth we live on. Although the present human civilization has developed, the quality has soared.

但... ...人类文明的发达则是以牺牲大自然为基础;虽然人类素质普遍提高了,但还是会因为个人利益伤害大自然。
But... The development of human civilization is based on the sacrifice of nature; although the quality of human beings has generally improved, it will still hurt nature because of personal interests.

大部分人类永远都觉得自己站在是食物链的顶端,是“主宰者”,诸不知但大在大自然面前人类就如同“蝼蚁那般”,人类天真的优越性啊... ...
Most human beings always feel that they are at the top of the food chain and "masters". They are like "ants" in the face of nature. The superiority of human innocence

Some countries have finally understood that "green water and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains". They have started to plant trees and return farmland to forests, which is really good. But the earth is still very big, the power of a country is always less than that of a world. If human beings don't wake up in time and "mend the past" as soon as possible, the speed of destruction is far faster than that of reconstruction.

That's my point of view, not everyone.