An explanation of the Cobinhood Platform, and profits after following Cobinhood

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With the start of blockchain technology, more and more people are migrating from Fiat currency to digital currency or better known as Cryptocurrency. Since January 2017, Cryptocurrency's market share has increased from 7 billion USD to 11 billion USD in July. In addition, Cryptocurrrency's trading volume surpassed stock trading volumes in August 2017. However, Cryptocurrency exchanges are currently unable to handle the demand for modern trade. Creating a new problem that interferes with the Cryptocurrency trading process.

To solve these problems I will introduce a Platform that has advantages to solve problems that occur in Cryptocurrency trading. The platform is COBINHOOD. Anyone know what is cobinhood ?, okay I will explain what is COBINHOOD. Check out the explanation below regarding COBINHOOD Platform.


Understanding Cobinhood

COBINHOOD is the Cryptocurrency service platform for the blockchain era. The first service launched by COBINHOOD is the first Market Exchange with no trading fees that solve Cryptocurrency trading problems. Cobinhood provides spot and Margin trading at a 0% trading cost to maximize trader profits and market liquidity. COBINHOOD also provides ICO underwriting services to address ICO liquidity issues.

Cobinhood mission

COBINHOOD will strive to provide 24/7 online customer service. If the user faces a problem or needs help. Customers can contact COBINHOOD through their web app and smartphone. When a user asks a question, the Costumer Service will respond within 24 hours. COBINHOOD's goal is to provide consistent quality with User-friendly customer assistance. Going forward, COBINHOOD plans to build a decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange.

Market Platform Display Cobinhood


Services exist in the Cobinhood platform

  • Margin Trading and receive interest

Users can choose to become a margin trading provider and receive interest. COBINHOOD will automatically determine the interest rate based on the supply and demand of the margin trading loan. A portion of Profit generated from interest payments will be collected by COBINHOOD.


Cobinhood will launch COBINHOOD Prime service for individual Traders by 2018. Traders may subscribe to COBINHOOD Prime services for higher leverage on Trading margins, lower ticker latency, and higher API rate limits on Market COBINHOOD.

  • COBINHOOD High Frequency Trading Server

Cobinhood will launch a high-frequency server subscription service for investment banks, hedge funds, and institutional investors. This server will be hosted on the same network as the COBINHOOD order matching machine, providing ultra low ticker and API ratios that are not limited to COBINHOOD exchanges. The trading algorithm can be used to this server for high-frequency algorithmic trading.

  • ICO Underwriting Services

Cobinhoood positions itself as an ICO underwriting Platform that has the Authorization to provide ICO eligibility, review of smartcontract codes and legal compliance review for ico, with a vision to build a reliable ICO ecosystem.

  • COBINHOOD Financial Center

COBINHOOD will launch more financial products and services in the future, such as trading of crypto assets with stocks, forex, commodities, market indices, and futures. In addition, COBINHOOD will also launch cryptocurrency purses and payment services.

Advantages Of The Cobinhood Platform


  • Market cryptocurrency without trading fee

Cobinhood is the world's first cryptocurrency market with no trading fee with a vision to maximize the profits of traders. Traders can now enjoy "0% fee" for trading and margin trading up to 10x leverage. Average trading rate in market exchangers is currently 0.1-0.25% per open Order.

  • Security Deposit Assets cryptocurrency

Cobinhood stores most of the cryptocurrency asset assets in a multifunctional crop that requires 5 out of 8 distributed hardware security modules to be opened. Furthermore, cryptocurrency assets stored in online wallet will be supported by insurance.

  • High-performance Open-Order system

cohinhood ensures that the Open-Order system can process millions of orders with sub-millisecond duration. The entire system is designed to be fully used, available properly and scalable automatically.

  • ICO Underwriting Services

Cobinhoood positions itself as an ICO underwriting Platform that has the Authorization to provide ICO eligibility, review of smartcontract codes and legal compliance review for ico, with a vision to build a reliable ICO ecosystem.

  • Universal

On the COBINHOOD Platform it will not be a problem as they are supported languages by some popular languages. Examples are English / Spanish / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Russian / French / Portuguese / Arabic

  • Supports multiple Fiat currencies

COBINHOOD will support all major fiat currencies including: USD / EUR / JPY / KRW / CNY / HKD / CAD / GBP / AUD / NTD thus maximizing the traders for profit.

Cobinhood will support Cryptocurrency



COBINHOOD can solve current cryptocurrency trading problems. excess cobinhood is 0% trading fee on their platform. by using COB Token you can use the privileges that exist in the cobinhood platform like 50% interest when making a loan at Margin Trading Loan Interest service. cobinhood has another excellent service that is ICO underwriting that can provide benefits to their platform users.

If you want to register COBINHOOD account, please visit this link Direct will be brought to the main page COBINHOOD. Thanks to all of Steemit's friends, and hopefully this information is useful to all of us, and can solve all our problems about Cryptocurrency.