Cobinhood As Market Cryptocurrency Latest Generation (which has many advantages)

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Hi all Steemian friends! Today I introduce a Platform that can solve problems in the current cryptocurrency world. From ICO Fraud, High Fee trading, Weakness of Security system Market exchange to language problem in Market Cryptocurrency, Platform is Cobinhood. For those of you who want to register Cobinhood account, please visit

An explanation of Cobinhood


Cobinhood is the latest generation Market exchange which has many advantages. By using Cobinhood you will get benefits that are not owned by other market exchange. Without Fee Trading to be One of the advantages of the Cobinhood Platform you can use. Sometimes the high fee trading in the market exchange makes us not get the maximum profit from the trading we do every day. Other Market Cryptocurrency usually gives trading fee between 0,1-0,25% every you open-order.

In Cobinhood you can do Cryptocurrency signing with popular Fiat Currencies like USD / EUR / JPY / KRW / CNY / HKD / CAD / GBP / AUD / NTD. Cobinhood is the first market that supports more than 1 currency Fiat makes them as one of the largest International Market Cryptocurrency International in the world.

Currently Market Cryptocurrency is the largest in Asia more precisely in China, Japan and Korea. But the market only supports the local language, making it difficult for traders who are in other countries to start trading in the market. On the Cobinhood Platform you do not have to worry about language problems because in Platform they support multiple languages ​​including English / Spanish / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Russian / French / Portuguese / Arabic. And do not rule out they will add another language again.

An explanation of Cobinhood advantages


Security is the main factor that becomes a benchmark for traders to use market exchange. Because if a Market has a bad security system it can lower the rating of the Market Exchange itself. Recently we saw that one of the biggest market exchange successfully hacked by hackers, Many of the assets of the user successfully stolen.

In Cobinhood you do not have to worry about hacking because the Cobinhood platform keeps all of their assets in a multifunctional toolbar that requires 5 out of 8 hardware security modules. Moreover Cobinhood is supported by insurance that can be claimed when the Assets on their Platform are stolen. In your cohinhood you will not find a pending order problem because Cobinhood ensures that the Open-Order system can process millions of orders in sub-milliseconds. The entire system is designed to be fully used, available properly and scalable automatically. So there is no more pending order problem.

ICO scams are a major problem that hinders adoption of blockchain technology. many new companies are competing to integrate their products and services with blockchain technology. And many ico proceeds are underway to seek funding for their project development. Ico itself is something extraordinary great because with a short duration can raise funds that are fantastic. Because it is also a lot of developers make scams projects just to generate profits. As a result some countries forbid their citizens to follow ICO for the security of their personal assets.

To address this problem Cobinhood has an underwriting ICO service where Cobinhoood positioned itself as an ICO underwriting Platform that has the Authorization to provide ICO eligibility, smartcontract code review and compliance review for ico, with a vision to build a reliable ICO ecosystem.



COBINHOOD is a cryptocurrency service platform that provides ICO cryptocurrency and underwriting trades, which aims to solve current cryptocurrency problems. COBINHOOD displays a 0% trading fee to maximize profits and liquidity trader markets. It has the ability to process more than one million orders per second, so you will get a real-time trading experience that is very different in comparison to other Market Exchange. with a variety of advantages that have Cobinhood, making it the first in the world of cryptocurrency exchange capable of trading high frequency. And COBINHOOD aims to overcome the ICO token liquidity problem through its ICO which is held in Cobinhood platform.

Know the COB Token

To know COB is an Erc20 token created by Platform cobinhood using smartcontract Ethereum. COB tokens will be traded in Cobinhood or in other market exchangers. COB tokens can be used to purchase ICO tokens located on the Cobinhood platform. Here are some Benefits for COB token holders are:

  • For COB token holders they are only lending interest 50% of the total normal interest.

  • When there is an ICO that takes place at the Cobinhood Platform the COB token holders will get special offers like a much cheaper price bonus.

Details of ICO Cobinhood:

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 COB
  • Tokens to be sold at ICO: 500,000,000 COB
  • Rate and Bonus during ICO:
  • 9 / 13-9 / 19: 1 ET for 5600 COB (bonus 40%)
  • 9 / 20-9 / 26: 1 ET for 5200 COB (30% bonus)
  • 9 / 27-10 / 3: 1 ET for 4800 COB (bonus 20%)
  • 10 / 4-10 / 10: 1 ET for 4400 COB (10% bonus)
  • 10 / 11-10 / 22: 1 ET for 4000 COB (no bonus)

Thank you for all who have visited, and hopefully this is useful for us all, with Cobinhood we can get a huge profit, to register Cobinhood account visit

To find out more information please visit @starkerz article about Cobinhood more complete.


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