Introducing Cobinhood - Market Cryptocurrency Trading With No Cost Feature

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Thanks to @starkerz who has described the exchange of Cobinhood, as it is very helpful to all of us to work at Steemit. Please read the reviews about Cobinhood below. To find out Cobinhood, please visit this link

The development of blockchain technology and the current decentralized Cryptocurrency currencies is very rapid. The large number of investors and the general public are increasingly interested in investing or trading crypto currency, making business competition in the world of cryptocurrency increasingly stringent. All that can be seen from the number of exchangers or crypto currency exchange services that began popping up.


Various new methods and innovations developed to attract traders one of them by eliminating the cost of trading crypto currency to 0% alias free. In my article this time will introduce Cobinhood a platform that offers exchange / trading services for crypto currency at 0% fee and ICO underwriting. In addition to providing spot markets (instant exchange) Cobinhood also offers cryptocurrency trading using margin trading at a cost of 0%. As a trader of course this can maximize the benefits you can.

With a very high level of price fluctuations, many people use cryptocurrency as a way to profit from trading or buying by utilizing the price movement of the cryptocurrency. The process of profiting from the price movement of cryptocurrency itself is very easy to understand where you only need to buy cryptocurrency at a cheap price then sell at high prices, because the frequent movement of crypto money is very fluctuating then you will be able to quickly gain profit.


Therefore the presence of Cobinhood with a fee or zero percent trading fee can solve the problem. In addition Cobinhood Platform also provides some features that can address the current cryptocurrency exchange problem and can change the way cryptocurrency exchange market works for the better, safer, no fee, and easy to use by everyone. The features offered are as follows:

  • Marketplace With 0% Trading Fee

  • 100% Reserve Guarantee

  • Offline Multisig Wallet Safety System

  • Crypto Assets Supported by Insurance

  • Security with Two-Factor Authentication

  • Distributed Order Matching Machine

  • Multiple FIAT Currencies Supported

  • Most International Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • Responsive Online Customer Service 24/7

  • User-friendly KYC Process

  • Decentralized Exchange


In addition, Cobinhood platform also offers margin trading loan services, the user can become a lender (loan) margin trading and is entitled to receive interest income from assets owned. Cobinhood will automatically determine the interest rate based on the offer and loan demand from margin trading. A portion of the income generated from interest payments will be collected by Cobinhood.

Thanks to @starkerz for everything he has done for us Steemit, and hope Cobinhood will be more successful for the future, and always be for number one.

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Yep, just a great Platform! It will probably hit the top in the upcoming months, thanks for sharing all this information, Chhers! =)