Coinpot Challenge Day 19 - Earning 10.000$ Worth Of Crypto By The End Of 2020 For Free

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Hey guys. This is day 19 of my coinpot challenge. Like I said yesterday I am a little busy at the moment but I decided that I should keep on posting because consistency it's important. Doing this update from the phone again. Anyway, this is how my coinpot dashboard looks today:

And this is hown it looked yesterday in terms of $:

Now let's convert what we have today in $. The difference should not be big because like I said I did not make that many claims as I am pretty busy but as long as I habe more than yesterday I am happy.

BTC 0.00011842 = 1.0800 $
BCH 0.00015140 = 0.0353 $
Doge 23.96 = 0.0600$
LTC 0.00066805 = 0.0264 $
Dash 0.00032482 = 0.0292 $

Total = 1.2309 $

So as you can see, a 0.10$ increase since yesterday. Not bad considering the low amount of claims I made. The claims from referrals definitely help a bit.

How you can earn from Coinpot:

First, go to and create your account. Coinpot is the microwallet where you will get payed all your faucet earnings in the 5 different cryptos supported ( Bitcoin, Dogecoin, BCH, Litecoin and Dash) .

After you registered to Coinpot , here are 7 supported faucets where you can begin claiming. All you have to do is solve a captcha. It takes less than 10 seconds for each claim.

Best of luck and see you guys on my next update.


Going well so far.

Yeah. Well, I need to be helped a little by the prices of cryptos lol.

Not bad, keep accumulating!

Cheers brother. I will. :D