Blue Fish in the Blue Lagoon

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Bluey the blue fish in the blue lagoon woke up one morning and decided to swim through the currents to visit his truest and bluest fish friend, Sandy. He saw her starting at the coral reefs with sadness in her blue eyes. Sandy dreamt of dancing and swirling with the school of fishes but she was too tiny, you see. You will never catch up, she was told by her fishy peers. You will ruin our beautiful dance. Best you swim with the baby fishes.

Sandy turned to her blue fish friend. Bluey, you must teach me to dance. I want to be beautiful. I want to dance and move as graceful as the pretty fishes.

Bluey turned to Sandy. You shine as bright as the stars above. Do not be sad and blue. He swims around her creating ripples of water. Bluey felt the currents gently pushing her to swim. Pushing her to dance and dance. “Bluey.” Her blue fish eyes shined bright with laugher and merriment. She was dancing gracefully in the currents. Twirling and spinning to her heart’s delight, she turned happy eyes to her dearest friend Bluey. He smiles, happy to see his friend no longer blue.

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Blue sure isn't our color! Well, it still is for me. :(

I have Keith's other song on my playlist. Parallel lines, more mainstream.

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