Color Challenge Saturday Indigo -- Our two blooming houseplants -- African violet/Saintpaulia

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Just found those pictures from my files.I made them when we arrived in Switzerland in our flat last November.Our neighbor looked well while we have been away for one and a half year.(Last time we have been there in the meantime)
Looks as the plants were well organized and welcomed us here.My mum had them as long as I can remember...I would say they are over 20/30 years old,or even older-but rarely have seen them blooming.
I don't know their name unfortunately,but if someone knows its name,please let me know.
Thanks a lot for your help.

The name is Saintpaulia,better known as African violet.Native to Tanzania and southeastern Kenya.There are 6–20 species and some of them are endangered.

Special thanks to @thekitchenfairy,she knew the name of this beautiful plant.





Those pictures have been taken by myself,@urs
Camera: Sony DSC-HX90V

I hope you enjoyed it.Wish you all a nice and relaxing weekend.

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They look like African Violet

My husband's late grandmother used to have pots of them back all over the sunroom back in Hungary

I love how they look deep violet/indigo on your pictures !

they are African violet,thanks a lot for the info.i will ad my blog accordingly.i checked the info on the net...
thanks a lot for your help and im glad you like my pictures...
cheers mate

No worries 😊

Love the vibrant purple of these gorgeous violets @urs Very beautiful images. Following.

thank you very much for your kind reply,im glad you like it.follow you too now...

Thank you @urs I look forward to seeing more of your lovely photos. 🌺

thank you very much....

My pleasure @urs 🌸

wow beautiful flower LOVE the color! :)

thank you for your reply.nice color indeed..follow you now

Great photo set and color. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks very much for your reply and worries at all,a pleasure.

Wow! Incredible photos! Hey, thanks for visiting my post earlier! I appreciate the support! Carry On!

thank you very much for your reply and your comment as worries mate,all good....
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Name of flower is Petal
My mother told me that

thanks for your help.the plant is called African violet/Saintpaulia
you can tell that to your mum...
cheers mate