Colorchallenge Sunday. Flower - Portulaca Grandiflora

in #colorchallenge2 years ago

Hello community of Steemit, who greets you cordially @yuneitsy, today I want to share with you some photos, following the dynamics of Colorchallenge, Sunday-Purple, accompanied by a small model who wanted to be part of this journey.

 📷 Photos you take from my phone.

I wish success to everyone who visits my blog! 

As they read in the title, this flower has the scientific name Portulaca Grandiflora, but in Venezuela it is commonly known as Bella a las Once, curiously it is given this name for the time it opens its flowers in broad daylight, closing in the shadow. They are a marvel to decorate the gardens of the house, their collections make your stay a pleasant space to look at. 


Aww! Your "small model" is very cute. The flowers are truly magnificent too!

Thank you! If they are, it is a beautiful demonstration of the little things that nature gives us. Regards and thanks for visiting my blog! ;)