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Hey all i have been away for some months but want to get back into the platform. It really is a damn shame about idax. Sad day for alot of people. But the steem token intergration is an amazing thing for the platform. Adds value to both platforms and a great way to reach new content providers and users alike.

I will apologize in advance if i post content that i have posted before but the log i kept of what videos and pictures i posted is gone with my old laptop. But once i have run out of video content i will be respending all earnings to reinvest in cam girl videos that will be exclusive to vit and vitp. With that being said i will be locking up all tokens and keeping them for an idea i have to bring even more attention to both vit and vitp. Cam girl videos will be spent off the steem aquiced off of

I have been on the steem platform for quite sometime. It is really what attracted me to vit to begin with. I believe i got into steem 2-3 months after steemit went live. i bought when steem was low and sold off alot in the gold rush period of 2017. Recently i have bave been buying up steem. Steem was my winner in the beginning of the cryptto marketfor me, that and substratum. But SUB is dead and orchid did it right. Anyways.....

Orignal post by me on the vit blockchain.

I don't know if this a bad idea but some accounts have been extremely successful in building tip bots. for one on the steem chain is @tipu. They control right around 10% of steem cirulating supply and another system on steem that is minnowboster but it isn't as profitable in the long term as Tipu is. It use to be fine but based on the steemblockchain metrics now not so much.

On that note i would suggest a tip bot for the touch sites and Maybe not on the vit chain but more on the steem chain to influence the token and coin at the same time as steem. I would be happy to delegate steem to a bot to get small upvotes or even send tokens or steem for extra votes. Its more bang for my buck just makes sense to me. This could cause increased inflation i guess but could also increased loyalty to the platform. A double edge sword but it hasn't hurt the platform on steem. What has killed steem just as vit is lack of users.


Welcome back! I’m new to this whole vit platform but I must say I’ve been enjoying myself lol 😂

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Glad, Welcome back deary

Thanks man. Did the same to you as i did to the others already. Added myself to your fanbase on steemauto along with a few other people.

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