A Bit of Light-Hearted Entertainment After the Raging Storm

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This damn programme should come with a warning sticker. "May cause headaches, dizziness and/or feelings of nausea due to it's content". And I do mean that in the best way possible... Also at what better time than following the intense drama of yesterday.

"Who Is America" was the next highly anticipated television skit-based show stemming from the mind of Sacha Baron Cohen. After quite a long hiatus out of the limelight, he exploded back onto the scene it spectacular fashion. And I'm happy to say the first episode of his newest series was one of the funniest programmes I've ever seen. Pure comedic genius at it's best.

All those elements I find eye-rollingly bland from regular "scripted" shows, are all but missing here and this is mainly due to the format of the show. Mr. Cohen adopts a range of new personas to infiltrate the main political figureheads of the USA. Remember, everything you see on the show is enacted as if it were all a genuine documentary to the interviewees. And boy, does he go to the top of the list of what?

Famous faces such as Bernie Sanders (you know which one I mean, lol), former congressman Joe Walsh and Larry Pratt, executive director of "Gun Owners of America", to name but a few. The latter name on that list being a particular cringe-worthy watch. Shocking, he even gets Mr. Pratt to laugh hysterically about a sordid rape joke! I honestly couldn't believe what I was watching, but trust me, you won't too!

And to make the whole thing all the more hilarious, those duped into appearing on the programme have come out in protest against their embarrassing spectacle. So much so that a few scathing reviews in their defence, have ended up making their way to the fore. But, as far as I'm concerned, this just provides for more advertising ammunition in Mr. Cohen's favour. Because the fact of the matter is that it "is" an incredible feat that he managed to carry out such an outrageous plan for his show. Maximum respect all round. I mean, the insane themes that he gets these big names to endorse, including fire-arms for toddlers! Yes, it's all openly campaigned by them, for all of us to see! This is how far these guys will go, lol!

A phenomenal opening to his show and I can only hope for a lot more of the same. It had me in stitches from beginning to end... 10/10 from me! Watch it on Netflix if you can.


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There is no doubt that he's very funny!

Most def, buddy. And we could all use a little humour right about now. :)

I want to see this. No, I got to see this. Sounds hilarious. The guy is a natural in comedy

A comic "genius" in every sense of the word.