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Occasionally at a convention or online someone will ask me what I draw when it is just for fun? I'm asked that, other pros are asked that. I hear other pros say stuff like "everything I draw is fun" or " this next thing I'm working on is really fun"

You know what I say? ...when someone asks what I draw when its just for fun? Ask me... go ahead...ask...

NOTHING...BECAUSE DRAWING IS NOT FUN. Why the FUCK...if I had free time would I waste it...WASTE IT...drawing. Drawing is the most boring fucking thing in the world. You...when just sitting, and moving your hand around a piece of paper. that is ONE step from just sitting and staring at a piece of paper. Which is one step away from being dead.

Think about it....if you are sitting at a table alive, or sitting there being dead...there is no real difference in what you are actually, physically doing. moving your hand around a piece of paper while you are sitting there is one....ONE small difference from being dead.

"Is he dead?!" .." hand is moving, he's alive"


I fucking hate drawing! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!


Excuse the's been a long winter.

One of the last things I can think of that kinda started out as something to draw because it was "fun" was this...

ALPHAdark go.jpg

Of course it took a bit to get to that point. It started, like all LIFE SUCKING IDEAS THAT TURN INTO HOURS OF WORK...uhm...I mean it started out like most illustrations as a small sketch


That is the last time any idea holds even a shred of joy for me...and THEN you refine it. The background was pretty nebulous in the sketch so I played around with a few angles.



I knew I wanted the viewer to be looking up at the monsters so that requires three vanishing points.

In case you don't know what a vanishing point is, just imagine you are looking straight down some rail road tracks...eventually off in the distance the left and right side of the tracks would come together like this


The blue X is the vanishing point.

This illustration needs three.

A point to the left where everything vanishes (comes to a point) in the distance, and point to the right where things vanish (come to a point) and a point up in the air where things vanish ( come to a point)


Normally I put a tack / pin on my drawing table where each vanishing point is and the use any of several 4 foot straight edges.


or in cases like this where a vanishing point is really far away I'll use a centrolineade


( I'll explain how to use that some other day)

anyways...then you get the fucker all figured out


do the final pencils and start inking






OH...I forgot to mention the Airplanes. See those are both tilting and diving so for the sake of them looking so visually, they'll need thier own sets of vanishing points.



and then those are ready...



and eventually it looks like this.


fun right?

NO. can get a whole issue of my comic Arsenic Lullaby on Comixology!

my own website with more of my work is here

you can find more of my work on Instagram here

That's all for now...still waiting on the "okay" from some publishers before I can show you somethings I just finished.


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Are they really doing this in the movie thingy? King Kong v Godzilla?

Cool picture, Doug !

.... it's so kinda cracking me up that you used anime in your tag :D


Probably eventually they'll fight in some movie,

If you trace anime wayyy back, it has its roots in Godzilla soooo TECHNICALLY ...#anime ( hahaha) #comics

It kinda gives me the feel they'll end up kissing. Perhaps I'm the one in the mood (*/。\) #comics

some relationships be like that, don't they? haha #comics

Definitively! Lol!

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And yet you keep on drawing :) Would you pay someone else to do the less pleasurable parts or would they struggle to meet your standards?

I doubt I'd go that route...although I've written for other people before. who knows, what the future hold, I guess #comics

Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!