Arsenic Lullaby Short comic and how I set up the page to help tell the joke

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I’m going to give you a bit of a breakdown on how a page like this ( below) goes from a notion in my head…to a fully functional comic book page. Note that this is page one of a two page story…



This one was a case of me really making something harder than it needed to be. that last panel is the whole joke, and pretty hard to screw up when it comes right down to it. Somewhere between that idea and the final illustration I decided this needed to be the best thing I ever did…that’s bad. That’s when you stop trusting your instincts and reworking everything…usually just to go back to the first draft you had.



The crux of this joke is the glorious feast the vampire thinks he has set himself up for and the pathetic reality. So him seeming creepy and dangerous and whatnot, the reaction to what is really there, and then him lowering himself to sucking the distended belly of some poor starving Ethiopian is the kicker. Above all else the writing and pictures all need to advance those concepts. That’s the mood elements that are important. The nuts and bolts needed are a pic showing how he got there, A pic showing the room/hut. A pic of how malnourished the victim is and of course the final scene. . The second panel, believe it or not, was the easiest. It just fell out of my head. Panels 5-7 …well, there’s a lot of different ways to do that, I probably could have just done it in one shot, but I reasoned that three panels would slow the pace and drive home what a disappointment this is. I can’t really explain why I put int panel 9…I just liked the close up leaving the reader to wonder what exactly he’s thinking…I might change up the expression if I can decide if he should look like he’s got a brilliant idea or embarrassed/ashamed. I dunno…it’s probably as good as good is getting.


ops…almost forgot this one, in case you like to see specific progression


That's pretty much it...some pages come together easier than others...and longer stories have different challenges/advantages...I'll walk you through those next week maybe.

Oh...almost forgot to post the whole's technically a two page spread/fold out


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back with more in a few days!



Poor vampire, he can't get a break!

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It's almost like making a movie except you have to do it all.

BTW the pad arrived safe and sound! Thanks a ton! Hardly seems fair, though, you paying that postage. So something else is on the way to you soon.

We both ended up out of pocket on this, but it's okay. I was only spending Steem. Thanks anyway

That's a good way of putting it. The illustrator is the what I tell writers after ignoring all their notes and fixing their broken-ass scripts. haha

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awesome! Thanks for that!

Everything you post is treasure :3 So much knowledge and wisdom and how-to <3 People think making funnies aren't hard work, but really you showed that there are more to it !!!


awwh shucks. but yeah #comics done right is hard work!

Wow, that sucks for him (see what i did there.)....i won't quit my day job :(

This is really great how you managed to explain all the jokes and the thoughts that you put into the design. This post is filled with fun and quality, top score! :D        

Thanks! I hope it was somewhat entertaining while still getting the nuts and bolts explained #comics