Arsenic Lullaby - Vampires, Sharks and Vanishing points

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Some people have a lot of trouble with things like 2 point perspective, vanishing points, horizon lines...but it's all actually pretty simple. There is a horizon line and on that lines are a vanishing point for each side of something you see ( most of the time that means two)


It's pretty simple, that is ...until you know how to do it.

Once you understand the basics, you find yourself using them way more than you need to. Or at least I do. Once you have the horizon line and vanishing points set up you almost have to stop yourself from overdoing it or the next thing you know you've spent two hours making sure the remote control in some guys hand is in proper perspective.

This isn't so much of a "how too" (maybe I'll do that some other time)'s more of a cautionary tale. The following illustration probably would have been just fine if I just winged it.

We have a Vampire floating away from a sinking ship and being surrounded by sharks. Interesting enough. and the concept is what makes so...not whether or not the f*cking boxes are in correct perspective. BUT...when you get a brand new hammer for your birthday, suddenly everything looks like a nail.

Now, because the box and suitcase are floating and sinking in slightly different directions and not actually perpendicular or parallel like say two boxes on the same floor, they each need a different horizon line and vanishing point. The suitcase for example is sinking so it’s top is closer to you then it is to bottom. Easy enough, add an extra set of points for each item. ( I know that is tough to get your head around when I explain it with text, so just look at the pic below…if everything was on say, a floor instead of a plane that can be broken like water, everything could share the same horizon line. once something breaks a plane though it get it’s own plane/horizon line that tilts and is separate from the rest……eh, just look at the pic)

Here is where I am left scratching my head…a victim of my own success, I have reached a level of skill where the number of people walking the earth who know more than I about vanishing points is very very when I get stuck I don't really have anyone to ask.

The question is the ripples in the water they create. Should those ripples have their own vanishing points? or because they are breaking the same plane ( water line) should their ripples share a vanishing point?! Seems to be that they should since they are twisted away from each other On the other hand …the objects themselves have different horizon lines because they are sinking, but that has nothing to to with the horizon line of the plane (water surface) they are sinking into.


Seems like I used to know this. My best guess was that they all share the same horizon line as the water but different vanishing points on it…maybe…

Someone bring Bill Everett back from the dead, he’d probably know. ( Bill Everett originally drew the Sub Mariner, pictured below)

bill_everett THOIA.jpg


Actually though, for my money he did his best work on a comic called Venus


That guy really knew how to load in the details without making things a mess visually. But what the fuck am I doing? Why am I plugging some other guys work on my page? Especially one who is too dead to return the favor??

I took a few tries at this thing...


...before deciding "f*ck it, I'll toss them in the air and ink whichever one lands face up.



Eventually it turned out fine

vamp pin done.jpg

Oh...lemme show off that boat! That is in perspective too...but I ain't showing you how to do that right now.

vamp pin done2.jpg

and here's the colored version


and... prints of it are up at my online store if ya want one. coupon code STEEMIT is good for 30% off

also, while I was looking through files I found this, which I forgot I even did....did I ever show you this one?


anyhooo...more stuff later this week



Love your posts! Perspective is on my to learn list for some books but it seems you have to read them and practice it...

I’ve tried that “put books on the shelf & learn through osmosis” thing too... it’s a shame it doesn’t work! 🧐

Hahaha yes I'm still trying while the book collection is growing :D Maybe one day...

books are for just gotta listen to me an you'll be fine ;p

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thanks! I appreciate it!

really a great drawing! it is ironic that a creature like a vampire that usually looks for blood is hunted by sharks that can smell blood from a long distance

yeah, a battle of the teeth

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Being a perfectionist can be counterproductive, but you need to be happy with your work. Sometimes if something is not quite right it can put people off

Gorgeus and great class of draw that you give us, i will try to do this thecnique.

Glad you like it, hope it goes well when you try! #comics

I really should try to use these wonderful foundations when I art, ....... but first I shall get a ruler!

Wonderful piece, Doug :) The process really shows the details and the design that goes into an illustration <3


and madness...don't forget the madness that goes into it #comics

I think the only one I’m struggling with is that suitcase... The crates I get, but is there any reason not to wing the suitcase? There’s just no interior lines that needed the vanishing points. It looks like there may have been a metal banding that was omitted for the finished inks though.
I continue to study this... your perspective knowledge indeed dwarfs my own!

I had a reason for doing the suitcase, but perhaps that got ereased and I ended up not needing those line. I don't mind isn't what it once was #comics

well you new 1000 upvotes for that comic with the baby vanishing from it's water being sucked out, loved it!

I like your discussion of horizon lines and in your example you, the viewer, definitely feel as if you are on a wave rising opposite to the earth's horizon, thus the horizon/ship/vampire are angled 'down' to your upward perspective. So good.

Hahaha...the drying up baby...I'm pretty proud of that one! Good to hear you like this/these!

THis is one hell of a workshop. For amateur artists or just fans of visual arts this is a great piece of advice.
I like drawing, but I don't consider myself an artist. I have never drawn anything with a plan or based on some theoretical/technical foundations.
I have just learned some fundamentals by doing, so this kind of information is very valuable. It makes some projects so much easier.
The final product was just great.

Hopefully the info helps a little. I don't consider myself and artist either...I'm an illustrator ( that means I work for a living, haha) #comics

well done dude. I notice the effort you put into it. the details are phenomenal. apart in the post you teach a little the technique. It was rewarding to read you. Thanks for sharing your art.

Thanks! I try to always post something interesting!

Perspective drawing was my favourite thing when I was Tech Drawing. That's when I guess people were still using pencil and paper for Tech Drawing.