Watching Whale Kwon Do

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Hello steemians! After all these conversations with the blockchain fauna, from Doges, through CryptoKitties to Slothicorn, in the middle of this time of forks and up and down in the crypto marketing, our friend Blockchain Cat decided it was time to a stress relief again.

Different from making a trip to overseas, like when Blockchain Cat went to China, this time the activity is closer and even greener. Whale watching is a calm and relaxing activity but underwater martial arts could be fun too. It is more dangerous than a ping pong game but you can also carry a flag to support or boo one chosen player. It is somekind wet, not enough to satisfy a typical steemian who actually complains about bigger pools.

If you have other ideas involving Whale Kwon Do and Blockchain Cat and want to create new stories or dialogues using the scene, they are under Creative Commons attribution license. Anyone can copy, distribute, display, perform and remix the work if credit the original creator. To make new versions easier, there is a shared public Google Slides file of this story that you can copy and edit (with a Gmail account) the way you like.

Thank you very much and good luck again!

4/10/2018 @wagnertamanaha

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Idea | Intro | << #blockchaincat >>


It beats watching swordfish play basketball.

Sure this game will be in the next water olympics games too ●\(=・ω・=)

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