The end?

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It took me few months but finally I did it. I collected all 14 Berserk Deluxe volumes by Kentaro Miura. I love this manga very much. For me it is the best fantasy story I have ever read...And one of the bests books ever. With that being said even though I consider Berserk the best of all manga there are other awesome manga I would like to collect. For example: Monster, Vinland saga, Rurouni Kenshin... But first I need to start saving again because buying Berserk was a hit on my wallet.I wish I was richer and could buy more manga now but that will have to wait. So perhaps this is not the end of my manga collecting journey.


Your attempt at acquiring knowledge through the reading of books is commendable. Keep it up. Is the book accessible online/offline?

thank you. In the past I have read them online.

The books look quite heavy and now you’ve got 14 that you have read
This shows you love to read a lot

wew congratz. o.o a true otaku here. even i dont collect manga books o.o. is it japanese ones? i assume english version

thank you. english. I don't speak japanese.

you're welcome :P. well u never know haha. u mentioned collecting. some people collect japanese pokemone cards but they dont know japanese u know :P

I am so happy for you that you finally have been able to do it