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I am rising from the ashes of my shame from last post's failure to document my art process. But today! Today is a new day (she says 8 minutes to midnight).

This next spread I am about to share is the last one I have for the intro of my comic. It also leads into the where's waldo style map I did a while ago.


Pages 8 and 9.jpg

This is what I started out with. As you can tell by the many empty spots and panels, I had a lot up in the air about this page.

I needed pictures from my family's actual photo album to put in the drawn one. The three panels at the bottom were reserved for one of the Key West locals I interviewed, to give a hint of the interesting stories to come in future pages. I had to figure out how to deliver the story I had in mind in three panels. That was a bit of a challenge.


Pages 8 and 9b.jpg

Okay, things start to come together in the pencils. If you take a trip with me to the right page, bottom right corner, you'll notice none of the characters have shoes! Do I have a secret vendetta against footwear? No, I'm just a lazy, lazy girl and some things I can't be bothered to draw more than once.


Pages 8 and 9.jpg

If you look way back to my thumbnails , I think this spread changed the most. Whereas the other pages, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted them to look like this page kind of tripped me up for a bit. But I think now that it's done, it may be one of my favorites. Interesting how that happens.

Drawn To Key West is a comic about the story of Key West told by the people of Key West, focusing mostly on the lives of the Mallory Square street performers.

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If you'd like to keep up with more of my work you can check me out at the following:

Instagram: @la.fumettista
Twitter: @TheresaChiechi


Like a phoenix you have risen ;)

I love seeing your process, but I don't always show mine and I love seeing the final work so post no matter what! You are making me want to take a trip to the Floriday Keys!

Thanks! I feel like it's cool to keep track of my process so I can see how a project evolves over time. But I'm glad to hear you're interested regardless XD And you most definitely should visit the Keys!! Treat yourself :)

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aaah <3 so interesting... and barefeet ! hahaha... i can relate to laziness, to be sure :> love the panel layouts and i look forward to meeting key west colourful personalities in the near future :D

your inking is meticulous, as usual, of course <3333333

I like this panel a lot, I think it works very well to introduce the new location where the characters are going to be for a few pages, or maybe even a whole chapter. It invites the audience to get inside the square along with the characters :).