Community Share Fest Clothing Drive & Concert: proceeds donate to Friends of Johnny Hurley Foundation

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Every year we gather for a warm clothing drive by getting together and playing music for a whole bunch of people who typically buy all of the tickets and have the greatest time. This year proceeds of the event are going to be donated to the @friendsofjohnnyhurley foundation, so tickets are open to everyone and the ticket link is here:

To support the foundation which is a great cause if you cannot attend the event buying tickets is the way to support the foundation right now soon we will have a donation link at which is being built out though you can go to right now to look at Johnny’s documentary made by Ford Fischer about what happened to him.

The event is on a Saturday and the following Sunday every year we gather at downtown Denver to give the clothes away to the homeless and it is snowing this year it’s very cold and people will be very happy as they always are. This is the reason the communitysharefest is the most wonderful time of the year. We all gather to give warmth and care in a time where it seems cold and meek. This is what life‘s all about what community is all about which sharing is all about. Here’s to a new year of caring.


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