I have returned!

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Taken by me on flight to NOLA

Holy crap, I'm back!

After many months of inactivity and only somewhat active chat in our Discord, I have decided to at least start easing myself back in. Though I suspect things will be a bit different.

What's changed?

When I was posting before, most of it was a specific type of post. My old Anti-Abuse Team updates won't be resuming, as things have changed to a point where that sort of info is less important. I might still update on some of the stats from time to time, but not at the level I was doing before.

Where have I been?

Real life. There is this place outside that requires work and money to function. Sadly, I had to return to that place and put in my time as a responsible member of society. That, and getting away from the computer once in a while is healthy.

So I rejoined the daily grind, doing a bit of real work, meeting people again, etc.

What now?

Obviously with the recent launch of PALnet.io and my place as one of the founding team, I now have a large chunk of staked PALcoin that I need to be putting to use. I will be curating some, letting my auto-vote go to trusted curators, and maybe even posting from time to time. Who knows?

Keep an eye out for occasional random musings from me, or possibly a post with graphs for those having withdrawals from my old stats posts.



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Good timing with Palnet and all :)

Welcome back bro have nice day.

Nice to see you back. Hope to see you in action the subsequent days.

Nice to see you back.
Hope to see you in action
The subsequent days.

                 - tj4real

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Woohoo!! Welcome back!
What's that bit of real work you are doing?

Just a standard day job. I am actually changing jobs right now, so I am enjoying a little free time.

Helllooo Friend, welcome back. Glad to see the real world hasn't taken you away fulltime.

Awesome photograph

Hello! Really love this palnet thingy. :))))

Welcome back! Just in time for Palnet and yes life does get in the way lol good to have you back though and look forward to hearing more from you in posts.

Welcome back hope to see more of your post and thanks for the upvote. First upvote on pal came from you. Really grateful