Message to my downwoters and the entire HIVE community

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Everyone makes mistakes in their lives, including me, countless times.


It is likely that some people translate and publish material created by others on the Hive platform, with or without a source designation, or they simply recycle their previous articles. This is definitely convenient, but really bad solution. I’ve had a lot of these articles before, too, but I’ve never received any warnings so far. Then I got many downvotes, it just hurt that my articles that were completely original were also downvoted. But I realized that made sense, too. My initial desperation subsided, I became calm. What’s more, it even strengthened my creativity! I burned to ashes like a phoenix bird, but now I’m flying again, I feel.

I’ve been here for 4 years, though virtual world is still alien to me. I don’t know if we can call an online group a real community. HIVE or even facebook is just a virtual community, with all its pros and cons. Here, it is much easier to hurt other people or take action against the community because it can go unnoticed for a long time.

I get used to meeting people physically and knowing their character through their actions. And best of all, I can speak to them in my own language. Writing in English is a big challenge for me, and I’m a completely visual type anyway. It follows that I don’t have too much to say verbally. And I don’t like to waste time reading long texts either. Only for those that touch me deeply. Still, there was too much empty wording in some of my articles.

Well, enough of chatter and boring Wikipedia-like data. You will no longer read such from me, because if you are interested, you can search Google at any time.
For example, instead of discussing the active ingredients and physiological effects of an herb, I will only share my own experiences.

Many times I felt compelled to write a blog to have at least one post every day with a post-production message. It was annoying and time consuming. What if I let this go? Do I only write if I can do it with all my heart, with pleasure?

Everyone I have a negative experience with is also my teacher.
My dear downvoters, I was angry with you at first, but now I see that you want only good, not only for HIVE, but for me as well. After all, without this strict regulation, HIVE would have long since disappeared into the sinkhole.

I hope this writing provides a lesson for everyone, beginners and advanced alike.

“The source of love is love itself.” (Grigori Grabovoi)

With lots of love from Kalemandra



I don’t know if we can call an online group a real community. HIVE or even facebook is just a virtual community, with all its pros and cons.

After abusing the community for years by using bidbots, plagiarizing and recycling post, you have just disrespected the whole community again.

You say you don't know if we can call an online group a real community, yet you are here, milking the reward pool. You have earned my downvotes. You have no shame.

I made the same mistake, and even @spaminator is downvoting me. Of course I did not spammed and I will not spam.

My account is also 4 years old (I registered on 2017.05.17).

I apologized 17 days ago (they accepted it), and so 17 days passed from my 30 days appeal time. Hopefully everything will be good, and they stop downvoting me, when the 30 days passes.

If this will be the case, then this is indeed for the good of all of us.

Your English is good, I didn't even realize you are not a native English speaker.

I can barely imagine how difficult it would be to blog in another language

Thanks! I review it grammatically very often before it appears.

Very difficult to write in a second language, sometimes it takes courage to just keep going no matter what happens.

Keep smiling and know your posts are enjoyed, I too have someone downvoting a lot, have no time to sit and pontificate their actions, if it keeps them happy!

No problem, I quit Hive. My future is not blogging in a virtual and faceless " community".

Sorry to hear that @kalemandra will miss you and remember fun times we have had.