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If you are an active follower of my blog and I haven't visited your blog to give you an upvote, IM SORRY!
As you guys already know, I'm committed to building up the community by returning the upvote to your posts and to answer to most of your comments.
I can almost mention by name and by memory most of the STEEMIT usernames of the people that are constantly supporting my work and giving me insight on how to improve it and make STEEMIT better.

Thank you:
... And many, many others!

What do I mean by JUICING UP YOUR UpVote Click?
You can show your appreciation to a post by ADDING VALUE to your vote. You can give 5%, 15%, 25%, 50%, 100%, or whatever you feel like giving but PLEASE GIVE.

By Posting, UpVoting, Commenting and Sharing you ONLY motivate the Network. By ADDING VALUE to your UpVote Click you are motivating the USER or BLOGGER as you please to call it. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO THE VALUE OF YOUR WALLET, YOU WON'T LOSE MONEY!!! 🤖

All the most generous active users on my blog appear in the order of UpVote power (including my self UpVote).
(thank you @american-pie 🤗

As I said, If you are an active supporter of my blog and I haven't visit YOUR blog to return the UpVote, I'm Sorry, either you are just re-STEEMING other people's content and there are no posts to UpVote or I unintentionally spaced out and forgot to visit you.



i am with you from the very beginning of my steemit journey..

wish you a very bright upcoming day dear

upvote & resteem done @melip

i always follow you my dear @melip
i learn a lot from your post..
@upvote & @resteem

Go ahed and lot of support and love from me....

wishing your bright future..
I am always with you dear @melip
@upvoted & @resteemed

go ahead dear @melip
I always support you..
@upvote & @resteem is done

you share some valuable post..
i gather some more knowledge from you..
i know you visited my blog..
you are so much gentle dear..
thank you my dear @melip

it's not a problem @melip, the important thing remains the spirit, I always support your friend.

I have no doubt about you, and I am sure you will come to my account, because I know you are a good person and I always follow every post you are @melip

Its all about the community. I am a small upvote but you have supported me. Thanks!

Saya harap anda tidak menolak upvote kami @melip karena hanya itu yang dapat kami lakukan dalam bentuk dukungan kami untuk anda.

@melp I always follow every post you post, and I am sure you will definitely come to my post even though I have to wait, thank you very much for a good post

i am impress to see your explanation about upvote to you...you help me to more comment to your post...
thank you @melip

thanks a lot, always with you dear.
@upvote & @resteem done

i shall try my best to support you dear..
i always with you..
go ahead @melip
@upvote & @resteem done

So very and beautiful post @melip

Appreciates your thought and you visited my blog once but i don't even update my blog daily :(

That’s precisely why I stopped UpVoting comments on my blog. By UpVoting your posts, I encourage you to keep posting and to remain active in the STEEMIT platform 😊

hey, Melip,

I have been following for a while, even vote for your stuff from time to time like you do for my stuff
really appreciate that
What I would appreciate a lot more however is the support for my witness @swisswitness
It is so hard to get people to vote for a witness because they do not realise that they are different votes then your normal ones and they are also 100% free. This support would really help us secure the steem blockchain
the vote is easy, just follow this link through steemconnect

I can see you have not voted for any witnesses yet so I would be honoured to be the first. thanks in advance and if you or anyone has questions on what a witness does, just ask

I think I already did my friend. I will check again 😊

might be that you did something wrong...Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 21.48.14.png

unless you are not that interested in the whole witness thing, then you can set me as your proxy :-)

Ok my friend

h[email protected], tenes cuenta en discord? me gustaria preguntarte algo, si queres claro


no te encuentro soy malisimo, te dejo tu voto y mañana paso con mas

I like your work friend @melip is impeccable and you teach us every day something new, I support you and I will continue to support you, thanks for your vote every day <3

que bueno tu post bro full informativo muy clara la explicación aqui uno mas de tus seguidores

Thanks for suggest me @melip .


I am always with you dear @melip
god bless you.
@upvote & @resteem has done

Friend @melip how not to follow you and appreciate your publications, if you are fantastic your information is of great interest, I will always support you great <3

You are so kind my friend 🙏

@melip, gracias a ti por tu constante apoyo para con nosotros y como dices si trabajamos entre todos vamos a lograr que Steemit sea una comunidad mucho mas fuerte y solida

@melip i also suport you,and your post,,,go ahed i m with you always from my deep cornner of my heart.. Note : if you think you need any help from me,i also try my best..

It's my discord channel..



I am always with you dear @melip @upvote & @resteem

saludo amigo creo que debe ser así, ser reciproco unos con otro para tener mas estimulo y seguir adelante en este bello mundo de steemit, ya que muchos de aquí nos ayudamos, gracias amigo por su apoyo

thum up post,, nice information,, following you

Thanks @melip who always want to visit my blog
May you always succeed in steemit
Greetings from me @siatteuk