Removing an Inactive Account adding 2 New Active Plankton

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Up to 50% of the voting power is designed to go towards our community efforts in supporting plankton with free daily upvotes. As these plankton are getting free votes from us there are some rules about writing original content and staying active to keep the vote in place.


Today we are removing @makowrites as the account has gone inactive and turned into a vote selling account. They are receiving daily payouts from SmartSteem. Since the account is inactive the person has been removed from our list of plankton we are supporting.

Welcome 2 New Plankton

I (@thedarkhorse) have been giving away small delegations to those in need of a boost to help with RC issues. In doing so those who qualify for my delegation are also getting 4 weeks of support from the Minnow Builder Program. The winners this week were @owasco & @aliciasteyn and they will get a 50% upvote daily from @minnowbuilder2 for the next 4 weeks.

If you have a little spare voting power please visit their blogs and give them a hand. As newer much smaller members of the Steem community every little bit will help them grow.

Thank you!

Thank you for all of your support including upvotes, SBI shares purchased for this account, and spreading the word about the Minnow Builder Program.


!sbi status

Hi @minnowbuilder2!

  • you have 815 units and 0 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 24708260111589 or 14.637 $
  • your next SBI upvote is predicted to be 2.927 $

    Did you know Steem Basic Income has a Quality Policy?

Sponsored for 10 more sbi shares. Welcome new accounts. Keep posting and powering up that steem!

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hi @minnowbuilder2
nice picks @owasco & @aliciasteyn . I was looking for steemians that has nice articles.

Hey Piandex, thank you for checking out my account!

Oh wow,this is so cool and generous! Thank you so much for choosing my account. Really loving steem so far!

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You deserve it. You started really well on this platform. I hope you keep it up, Alicia. Quality posts are always welcome! 😊

Very happy to be able to give you some support.

Excellent work. Strange how some people start really well and don't follow up... 😑

Most people give up to early. They have hopes of earning some money and they don't have instant success so they give up.

Look at how long it took to get PIFC some support from larger accounts. Now all of a sudden we have 2 large votes coming in each post and it's making a HUGE difference. We went from 500 to 600sp in a matter of 8 days purely with earnings. Our 400 to 500sp took about 5 weeks. So just 6 weeks ago we had 400sp and now we are sitting at 600, a 50% gain.

Thank you so much! And for doing what you do!

If someone here could help me with a little problem, I would very much appreciate it. I believe @thedarkhorse delegated to me (somebody delegated 15SP and he's the only one I asked) but I can't figure out how to thank him.