Steemit Community Building: Mark Your Location on the Map and Find Local Steemit Users

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Have you ever wondered if there are nearby Steemians?

This is your chance!!

In the near future you'll see my changing my focus from writing guides/faqs to community building projects and activities. I'll be making a post more about this in the next few days. But this is what I'm starting with towards this endeavor!

I've put together this map for Steemit users to place themselves on (to whatever level they feel comfortable) to help those that aren't far from each other the chance to actually hangout in real life! This will also help those of you that may have been considering organizing a Steemit Meetup!

But to start, we've got to fill out this map! I don't want anybody to feel pressured to do so, since some of us prefer not to give out their location.

Click Here to See or Add Yourself to the Map!!!

I don't recommend adding your actual address. The City alone is plenty to achieve the goals of this map.

If you want to place your location on the map, simply follow these steps.

  1. Click HERE to open the map:
  2. In the top left, hover over "Additions" and click "Add Marker - Simple" (or detailed)

  3. Fill out the form with your username and choose a location (with what ever level of specificity you are comfortable.)

  4. Press Submit

And that's it!!

This will let you easily see what other Steemians are near by! If you click on a pin, you'll see their user name and maybe even be able to start a conversation with them to move the chance to hang out in real life a little closer.

Please be remember to be respectful with this tool. This does NOT give you the right to break conventional etiquette.

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Pins on Map


Excellent job, @sykochica!!! I'm number 12 on the map. Just added myself & very happy to do that. Next thing for me to do is to share this map with my team mates who would be willing to add their cities as well. I tell you this will go a very long in helping with community building like you rightly stated and planning as well. By the way, you were mentioned in this post I wrote about 2 days ago, . I see how very busy you are working on many projects . Thanks a million!!!

Good work, I'm first in UK :)

I'm second.

wa-hey! welcome "neighbour" :)

Think I'm the first in Yorkshire!

This is a great idea for those who want to connect and maybe even meet other steemit users !

Morning @sykochica - Thank you for this.

I'm on the map in South Florida.

Yes, I have wondered about this very fact... When I get a chance I'm going to go there I'm putting my location in. ❤

Great idea! Just added my marker :)

This is really cool! I've added my own city, but it seems the nearest Steemian who have also done it is hours and hours away from me :P

Awesome idea. Marker added - first in Central Europe :-)

hahahah :)

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That amazing idea @sykochica. I loved it . this will help us to connect better and bigger. Great work. Bring it on. Following you for more interesting stuff. :)

This is cool! Added myself.

Hey @matt-a, let's get some more flags on KY!

I'm the northernmost in the map. No one even close

It is good news. I can find other members in my city. Thanks.

Upvoted & RESTEEMED :]

Excellent idea! Resteem and voted!

Good from India

Thank you @sykochica already added my city

Maybe make it an IoS app or an android App ,with Gps . Will be great if i can get a notification when a local steem user is near by . Seem like a great ideea , will follow , and waiting for the ideea to materialize .

great idea, good news

Cool idea, added!
Also hi @steempowerpics, apparently we're in the same area.

Such a cool idea! I put my marker on the map! Also upvoted and resteemed!

Flagged. I mean planted my flag. :-)

Great idea @sykochica I added my humble pin :)
First one in the Netherlands...
Resteemed !

this is awesome now we can connect more

Neato. Thanks for starting this up ;)

Love this idea! It's amazing to see how wide-spread the steemit community is!

Added myself, Thanks! Great idea!

I see you!

@felixthecat you sneak im gunna mark that you are in topeka!

Congratulations for the idea! Links to the map and your post were included in the wiki page Steem Ecosystem: S-Z. Thanks and good luck again!

Great idea @ sykochica. SO easy to do. Already starting to give an impression of just how 'global' Steemit is.

Couldn't believe it. I'm the first Sydneysider and second Australian.

Resteemed. Wait till #TeamAustralia find out. The map will be saturated with green and yellow flags. 💚💛💚

Pretty cool idea bro!

Looks like I'm alone in Sacramento California

See your post mentioned here

First in Washington State!

I put my marker on there -- first in Oregon! :D

Sweet this sounds awesome! I will click over and add myself:-)

Tehe! First in Colorado!!:-)

And I am first in TEXAS.
Maybe add that people should save the auto-generated url otherwise they cannot update their pin. Also I saw quite a few people didn't use their steemit @handle

Great idea! Spreading this by resteeming!

First BlueWonkie in France Whooo hooo ! ^_^ victoire.pngHello @sykochica ! =))

Great idea. Added.

Great Idea! Don't know why, but I love maps 😂 I use them a lot on my own website...
And apparently I'm first in Belgium... hope to see others joining!