Friends, I really need your HELP!

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I have never shot out such an urgent call in my life and I am doing so now because this will greatly impact something I hold very dear to me. It is not for me, but for the people I care about. About 4 days ago, @theycallmedan decided to hold a contest and the winning initiative gets a whooping 10k delegation SP support. Immediately, I knew that I needed to get the @steemitbloggers (AKA #powerhousecreatives) to take part because @jaynie and I have been trying our very best everyday to curate the best content creators on the Steem blockchain.

@steemitbloggers(#powerhousecreatives) have always been a one-stop hub for Steemians who are serious with content creation be it on, @dsound, @dtube, @steempress and many other dapps that are already thriving on Steem. We, just want to create a safe home for them to learn from one another and support all valuable quality and committed creators who will go the extra mile for Steem!

So here is my plea, to ask for a simple vote on @dpoll so that @jaynie and I can give higher value support to these content creators who are always deserving!

We did it! We won the nomination round for the 10k Steem Power delegation from @theycallmedan - which you can read about HERE.

Now, the REAL race begins and we need your help to WIN!!!

If you support the @STEEMITBLOGGERS (aka #powerhousecreatives) then please can you show us some love with your vote and possibly a resteem of this post to spread the word far and wide!

How to vote?

1 Click the below link.
2 Login to steemconnect
3 Select 'steemitbloggers'
4 And you're vote!!

Vote here:


Let's take it ALL THE WAY!!!!

Thank You

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Done. Let's hope that the sheer positivity of this group wins! I believe it will!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The members deserve it so much!

:D the least I can do

Good luck. It's great to see the support for creative people on here
I'm sure that winning will give you more power to help artists, writers and musicians

Thank you! We really want to win this so that the members will get the support they deserve!

Voted & Resteemed, S.B / P.C. Rock..!!

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Thank you so much! It means a lot to us!

Voted! Good luck to you guys~

Thanks @thilah!!!!! :)

Done boss~! Wish for the best~~!!!!(Y)

THANK YOU @fruityexplorer!

Voted and good luck on this!

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Looks like a good thing to do... you got my vote :-)

Thank you! Oh! I also followed you :) You do some awesome stuff here