Hey there, this morning out of nowhere @steempeak started asking me to enter a "Peak Lock" combination to post, but I never set one and I don't see how to access that. Any thoughts?

It was real easy to set up peaklock. Go to the wallet choice in your name drop down menu, pick peaklock, add your posting key and you active key if you want, pick a five digit log in number, (I think it has to be numbers but not sure). And then when you log into your account you just put that 5 digit number in. (I found this because I was not smart enough to down load the hive keychain from git-hub and did not want to try the other choices).

Oh sorry I did not read your comment very well, I thought it was a question about the peakd for hive chain, not issuew with steempeak. So since I ahd no issue this morning with steempeak if there was a glitch they seem to have it fixed.

I think it was just things acting screwy when the steemit nodes were not responding and the fork was about to happen :-)

I imagine we will have a few more glitches over the weekend, Just had a few where things seemed to stop for a bit, but such is the life of a fork, sometimes the tines get bent out of shape.

Hmm that's strange. I haven’t faced that on steempeak.

Looking into it and whether it's related to changes by other signing systems... what were you using before? We have been focusing on peakd and aren't presently working on SteemPeak so not sure why there should be any change on ... cc @asgarth

Looking very good. I just have a few problems on wallet:

Claiming rewards gives me and error:

When I power up, hivesigner gets to the approve stage and then errors out.

Otherwise so far really impressed with the easy transition. Fantastic job by all involved.