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RE: What do you consider time-well-spent on social media? - The most important question for user growth

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Best use cases for social media / social networks...

  1. For People You Know = communicating, keeping in touch, sharing

  2. For People You Don't Know = discovering people with intersecting idea sets and interacting for mutual advancement.


Great feedback!

For 1. Do you think this should be on a blockchain? Or would you rather have it on a closed platform where only the people you know can see what you share? When do you think it should be on a blockchain and when not?

  1. Totally agree! But imo we don't help people discover content on this basis... How have you successfully found people with interesting ideas and interests in the past?

Re being public / private - I would default to public, but some sort of private posting or messaging add on would be useful.

There is a lot of local information that can be shared publicly and usefully by friends and neighbours etc - is the road to town flooded, when will the local doctors surgery be doing vaccinations etc. As well as marketplace type functions... All could usefully be put on a blockchain.

I have atypical in how I found people on-chain with similar interests as I had the advantage of doing the shows on MSP and running things like the Homesteaders Lists. Discord and Slack were the other way I found people with similar interests.