Consciousness | Is it the only Real?

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Consciousness: I know everyone knows what consciousness is, and is simply defined as the state of being conscious / aware and most commonly used synonym is awareness. Now everyone is conscious of almost everything they are doing as I am concious about writing this article at the time of writing and you are right now conscious about reading the same.
One can say it's true that we are conscious of few thing but not about everything, like when you are angry on someone you are more likely to say the words for someone what you don't utter otherwise, this is not concious selection of words and we mostly regrate as our anger goes down.
For me switching mobile data connection as soon as I open the screen of smartphone is unconscious act.
Interestingly the consciousness is decided as 3 main categories namely Simple, Self, Cosmic
Simple consciousness include all the basic conscious activities required for survival such as eating, sleeping, searching food (job), clothing, shelter and all. It present in all levels of life weather it's a plant an animal or an aquatic life.
Then comes Self Consciousness which gives us the all the intellectual intellengence the make us a better version of animals. All the development that humanity has made and is making is all because of this self consciousness that make us aware of we are not here just to survive.
And the most important one is Cosmic Consciousness attening which is the considered the supreme and only aim for the life. It is the consciousness that makes you one with Cosmos. It is the same consciousness that produced all major religion in the world. All the ancient teachings that talk about good and bad had come from this part of consciousness.
We as human have acess to 1st two level of consciousness and only a few attained the level because attaining the 3rd level of consciousness requires a certain level of Awareness towards life.
You can also think universe as a grinding wheel in which we enter as whole grain (lowest level of consciousness) and escape it as the finest gains possible (highest level of consciousness) and this process at universal level takes thousands of life time however it can be boosted at the highest speed by understanding and applying certain practicies in our day to day life, that can prepare us at physical and mental level so that when the right time will come we are receptive towards it and finally escape the circle of life.

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Now everyone is conscious of almost everything they are doing as I am concious about writing this article at the time of writing and you are right now conscious about reading the same.
It should be conscious instead of concious.

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