Mindblowing & beyond non binary

in #conspiracy8 months ago

Me trying to wrap my head around the new BS logic of NWO people.

And here's something curious: You can be someone else by simply stating it repeatedly. This is so far out beyond non binary, I have to admire people that visionary.



Lol looks like “Deep Dives” on Hive is just another msm outlet.

it is being spammed big time ;)

in some ways the whole of Hive is becoming a msm outlet. stupid :(

Not true! Just ignore the shitposts.

while the good ones are being censored away?

What is censored here? Some authors are enganged in flag wars, yes, but downvoting just because of a different opinion is very rare on Hive.

Unfortunately this is not the case in my feed; it is a pretty common occurance. I guess it is because of my interest in not-NATO-news...
This place is terribly centralized.

we have gurus here 'who know better how it should be'

when its too many it turn into a flood of noise, fridgebuzzing - easiest way to ignore it as a whole. 🤪

rather shallow swims than deep dives :)

This faith when you believe SMTH all the rest of the world do not share with you, is named.. correct: schizophrenia.
Your head looks like a nuclear blow is imminent. Stop, dont go away like that

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