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💬#NYT reports that over 15% of companies use consulting services on an ongoing basis., and 35% as needed.

All enterprises💯, without exception, strive by any means to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of business processes, and, consequently, the profitability of the enterprise. Often the internal personnel reserves are not enough to cover a particular issue, so the management resorts to consulting services🤝

📊After collecting information and conducting a thorough analysis of the company (or a specific aspect of activity) consulting companies offer unique solutions that will improve the existing management structure, predict 📈certain events, evaluate the performance of a particular department, and much more.

If we analyze the structure of services provided by the 50 largest consulting firms in 2019, we will get interesting data.

The top three include the following services:
3️2%- management consulting
1️8% - corporate strategy consulting services
1️7% - consulting on information and technical issues

The hallmark of a good consulting company is the ability💎 to provide highly qualified assistance to a business at any stage of its operation. It is important not only to identify the problem, but also to propose ways to solve it.

🔑Req&Doc will help you choose the most effective business model, present ways to maximize the efficient use of company resources, advise on marketing and product promotion, etc.

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