I would use it to continue fighting abusive behavior.

This post constitutes contest abuse and spam. Why are you demanding upvotes and resteems? Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be getting any traction, so I may not need to call in SFR.

If you want to run a good contest, just look at the #googlyprize posts by @googlyeyes. There is active community engagement. The goal is encouraging fun, first and foremost. Upvotes are distributed instead of demanded.

If you're serious about running a contest, pick a theme, distribute several prizes over time, and engage with the community. It may take time to get off the ground, but it could be a rewarding experience for everyone.

You do realize you don't qualify for this contest, you have to up vote this post and re-steem the post to qualify. And everyone who has downvoted my post in the last few weeks don't qualify.

Thanks for the info about #googlyprize, I don't want anything to do with steemit. So when all is powered down I'm gone. I thought someone would want the steem but I was wrong.