Coin design contest

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How would steem coin would look if it was material???
This is my first contest making :)
This contest is for your imaginary coin design for steem
This contest is for artist & everyone
Its amazing what you can do in your phone
Join me
One week
7 days
Till i announce the winner
How it goes:
On the headline /title please write : for crazyartist artcoincontest
-the contest needs at least 3 steemians to happen
-One coin design to each steemian:)
-4 sbd prize from me to you
-ony One winner
to join
follow me here crazyartist is my name :)
& thats my game:
Upvote & resteem this post
On the comments please leave atachment of your post:
-Dosn't need to be round
-Just an original pic you made for this contest
-Please leave on the post your process, at least 2 pic

  • I promise to choose the one l believe is the best one
    Goodluck & cheers