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     Currently the world is in constant evolution with the purpose of creating and expanding the videogames industry, based on the experiences needs and possibilities of consumers worldwide, this development that motivates both blockchain games, is emerging as an initiative emblematic destined to create massive disruption in industry, on a global scale; video games is the next generation among the current initiatives of blockchain games.

     With its successful Huntercoin project in 2013, XAYA (formerly Chimaera) is the result of the best blockchain talents and game creators to provide a reliable decentralized quality system.

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     Xaya is defined as a customized blockchain for games that allows you to develop the game in real time without decentralized and infinitely scalable cost. The players have full ownership of their characters and virtual assets.

     Xaya develops a visrtual world without the need for servers, which reduces the financial burden in relation to the cost of installing infrastructure and maintaining equipment and servers.

     Within this virtual universe the players will own properties, on their assets and they will be able to share profits that the developers have created, this will be possible through the change of the assets by real value through the use of tokens in a simple and secure.

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     In 2013, the Xaya team put to the test its first experiment, called Huntercoin, which was the first massive online multiplayer platform game (MMOG), with an attractive environment of gameplay aimed at those players who are enthusiastic about the cryptocurrency, here the participants play in a virtual environment through strategy of teamwork and human efforts in the collection and harvest of coins (HUC).
The launch was a success bringing capital gain of about 10 million USD.

Xaya created an innovative concept, being:

  • The first massive multiplayer game with a decentralized feature.
  • Development and perfection of the first game built on the basis of the blockchain.
  • Allowed to be the first cryptocurrency aimed at mining among players, developing an environment of profits and entertainment in turn.
  • Developed the first multipurpose currency.

     The initial concept of xaya allowed Huntercoin to consolidate with enormous success, this figure is certified with more than 35,000 users, who interact simultaneously in the virtual world, in an autonomous and decentralized environment.

     The initial experiment allowed the team to demonstrate that the project is a reality and was on track, these initial steps were the basis for future titles to come offering, experience, innovation and a cutting-edge concept.

The main advantage that Xaya offers in its products and service are:

  • Entrennate environment with full autonomy, without the need for huge equipment and third servers.

  • Activity 24/7 in real time.

  • Possibility of acquiring real items, based on a fair balance.

  • The game offers its user a learning environment with the possibilities of gaining experience and scaling levels.

  • Security and reliability for fraud-proof exchange.

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     Xaya developers plans to launch two important titles that aims to revolutionize the virtual world and prepare to expand its platform with new and innovative titles of games.

      Xaya main network offers its users access to their asset portfolios and integrated games portfolios, enabling the registration of names and accounts to be used in all games that operate XAYA.

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Treat Fighter

will soon be launched in the main network. Developed by TrickyFast Studios, Treat Fighter is a strategy game where players conduct expeditions, collect resources, prepare treats and fight other players as they work to grow their candy armies and outperform the competition, the fighting experience will allow that its users advance and gain levels of experience; the game proest 100% and will be executed in the block chain, with nodes acting as servers.

Soccer Manager

is another online game that has won a large number of users especially in China, this game has millions of downloads becoming one of the successes with faster growth, the main theme is related to the management of football team trademark, Unlike other games, with the blockchain-based approach, players have full ownership of their soccer credits, players, stadiums, any value in the game, are equally capable of being transferred, exchanged or sold. For the first time, players can experience a real transfer market, where every success they achieve has real value in the world.

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     Xaya offers an open end-to-end system where the games are developed based on the Chimaera blockchain being a continuation of the blockchain games, which were introduced for the first time with Chronokings and Huntercoin, Chimaera allows innumerable titles of games in a single chain with practically unlimited players.

     The main network provides external developers with the Software Development (Software Development Kit). The SDK gathers a group of tools that allow the programming of mobile applications, offering ease without the requirement of prior knowledge of Solidity or of any other blockchain programming language, being Xaya a simpler platform of the world for the development of blockchain games. The games can be encoded different indomas. allowing talents of both new and experienced developers to publish their own creations along with game studios that are already working on XAYA.

     The team of Xaya developers has included a broad spectrum of industry experts with a strong focus on video games. Members have contributed game production ranging from Facebook and casual games to AAA MMORPGs.

     The independent game of servers offers solution related to the cost of implementation this action makes it almost insignificant, for smaller developers, studies of games and publishers, the costs of servers and maintenance are very real considerations. The game without a server is very attractive, games without a server running in the XAYA block chain are resistant to censorship; once the game is up and running, it is almost impossible to eliminate It allows anyone to access the game independently wherever you are.

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When mixing fun with income, the results are simply great!

     The average person invests hours sitting in front of a console or PC enjoying some title; in the majority of cases these users must disburse amounts of money with the purpose of acquiring novelties within the virtual store or the purchases of some character, levels or item that can improve the advantage of its playability; the player invests time and economic resources and many times the result is not what was expected, but currently most of the games do not offer a 100% secure platform for the exchange, they are susceptible to theft and alterations.

     The Internet connection has generated new markets, new professions and endless opportunities to earn money without the need to move to an office, but even more surprising to some, is the fact that playing online can generate income in foreign currency or in cryptocurrency, the truth is that in this century being a gamer is not only a leisure activity but also a profession.

     Xaya offers those opportunities to generate income online and in turn enjoy interesting titles of games the important thing is to take advantage of a passion and that in itself is fun to achieve, because no, an extra benefit that is this case would be the economic With the Xaya platform, "you can enjoy video games, simultaneously obtain the" Chi "tokens, which can be exchanged for electronic currencies and other resources.

     Suppose that if you lose interest in the game, all those hours of play can be exploited in a commercial exchange with the possibility of easily exchanging resources and characters, through peer-to-peer transactions in the market chain of the Xaya market and Receive Chi token, which can then be converted into fiat money.

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     The sale was preceded by a private presale round, which was then divided into two main blocks: a public presale and the main sale of tokens, it should be noted that the tokens holders will receive 1 CHI for each token of their property.

     In Stage 1 it was established that the presale of tokens would start from March 23 until May 18, 2018. where they were sold around 29,178,394 CHI, which represents a value of ~ 330 BTC. For Stage 2, the sale of the main tokens of the CHI began from August 29 to October 10, 2018.

  • CHI Chips available: ~ 119,500,000
  • Contributing Cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, QASH
  • Duration: 6 weeks

These Tokens will be distributed as follows:


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Now you can download your XAYA wallet

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