Competition #4 - What are we looking for? - Guess & Win

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Picture Competition

I think this one will be very difficult and I might have to come with some hints, but we'll see what happens.
Next hint will be posted August 31st

My question is:

What are we looking for in this picture?


Guess and win the 2 STEEM reward

Any questions?
No? well get on it and guess then!
Would also be nice if you shared/resteemed and upvoted this post.
These contests are driven by the upvotes I get, if the upvotes are few and low, the prize will get smaller and smaller until I cannot do this anymore. If the upvotes are big and many the prize will get bigger, so what are you waiting for, tell your friends, resteem or do whatever you have to do to keep this contest running.

Looking forward to see you in the comments below

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  • You were walking across a field minding your own business when you were suddenly attacked by a @steemmonster by the name of @giantroc.

  • Normally you being the person you are ... you could have easily of fought of this massive winged creature but due to a cold you caught the week before you weren't feeling up to par and this @steemmonster was able to sneak up on you from behind.

  • Luckily even in your sickened state you were still able to get away but among all the confusion you lost your ring and now are back in that field looking for it.

Hahaha, best answer EVER!

A frog or a toad. Hahaha! Nice game, btw.


Well theres a guy that love mushrooms :D
whats your favorite kind?

Magic ones;)

hehehe, the best ones :p but unfortunately the liberty cap have not started spawning yet, at least not here, is it spawning at you place?

No I havn’t seen any yet.

I have :D

in the rain city?

I think your looking for a bird in a nest

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i think there is a snake head - black with the yellow strips :o

I can see him, it's Knerten (Twigson)

Psilocybe semilanceata? ;-)

The liberty cap haven't started spawning here in this area yet

My guess would be you are looking for chives

a bird's nest ??

A special grass

Dried twigs.

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Hey @flatman,

I like these types of contests!!

I think you're looking for the reptile/amphibian in the red rectangle below:


Good stuff, man! there will be more contests in the future, just keep an eye out for them ;)
Good luck with your guess!
Thanks for the resteem!

Looking for insects

You are looking for a grasshopper 😄

Hay una culebra

Are you looking for food?

You're looking for a frog's head

Dried branches

Hello @flatman snake is looking for

it is a snake


A frog :)

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Grasshopper I guess, hehehe (like my son always do in grass fields). More power and God bless

A snake maybe?

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The winner was already drawn.
please join the new contest :)