Competition #9 - Guess The Picture & WIN

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100x Zoom Picture

It's Friday, time for a new contest.
This contest will run until thursday when I post the winner.

Want to make more than just the 2 STEEM reward?
Upvote the other players in the comment section and I will upvote your comment.

Rules for the contests:

  1. Free to join, no requirements
  2. Only 1 guess per person per contest
  3. If more than one person have the correct answer, the winner will be picked random.

My question is:

What is this?

Guess and win the 2 STEEM reward

Any questions?

Looking forward to see you in the comments below

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looks like a spiky flower

somthing from the sea like some sort of sea ​​magnets or the thinks that grows at rocks in the sea ? dont know the name of the different sort of
species. but i think somthing like that.

My guess is wool, it looks so fluffy 😄

Flor diente de león


wild guess but its a cactus ? or something on a cactus

sorry, only 1 answer per person per contest