Quality Content Initiative Week 1 WINNERS - Week 2 Starts Now!!! (Randowhale Giveaway)

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Last's week's initiative has wrapped up, and here are our winners:

An additional prize will be distributed to @diabolika for her continued support of my content, and an awesome blog on travel - check it out!

All of you awesome bloggers will receive a @randowhale vote on your next post! Just make sure to tag me in the post :)


Week 2 starts today!

 Here's what this contest is about.

Here are the rules:

  • You have until next saturday to create a post on any topic you'd like (up to 500 words)
  • You must resteem this post to help it gain exposure. I AM NOT asking for upvotes or followers, I just need help getting this contest out there!
  • You must at least visit the @minnowsupport discord and say hello. There is no obligation to stay, but I'm positive that you'll love the community there :) Here is the link: https://discord.gg/HYj4yvw
  • YOU NEED to use the #gnocdepatat and link your post in the comments below. This is just to help ensure that I don't miss any submissions.

So there you have it guys, one week to write your best piece of content. Good luck, and tell your friends :)


A special thank you goes out to @theprophet0 for his generous upvote last week which allowed for our prizes!



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Arghhhh! What if this amazing post I am doing on The Gates foundation is more than 500 words!!!?? :') Dammit. <3 will work on another post if I get time <3

If you don't have time, ill still accept it! The limit was put in place to make it a little easier to keep up with submissions! It won't be a problem if I only have a few over 500 :)

Yayyy!!! Ill post the link once I am finished the post! <3 Thank you! <3 This is my first post with Bulk coding, so hopefully it looks much more appealing!!! <3 lol There is so much info in there I am worried it might get lost on most people though <3 Will post soon <3

WOOHOO!! Thank you @gnocdepatat !!! I better get writing :)

Best of Luck! make sure to resteem to help with exposure :)

May end up tossing my hat in the ring for this one! Not sure if my style is to your tastes, but I'll give it a go!

You absolutely should!!

Good idea. Best of luck!

I'd help if I could, but I don't resteem.

Here's my post — WHERE TO LOOK FOR LIFE: in heaven or under the feet?.

There statistics of Word — 486 words ( I checked=)). Hope You enjoy :=))


I'm resteem you post