Browsing Kapetanios's Steem Power Lottery - 300 Steem Power Delegation #2!!!!!

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Hello Steemians,

The rules are same, but the prizes has grown!!!

FOLLOW, RANK: 30 or more, VOTE:0.01 minimum--------->2 WINNERS--------> 1WEEK DELEGATION!!!!


Who can participate in this contest?

  • Anyone who has a steemit account that has a reputation above or equal with 30. This is the minimum Reputation to participate in this contest because we want to avoid bots from joining. Real people are those who Browsing Kapetanios wants to help.
  • Anyone can participate but you have to make sure that you are already a follower of @gospo, so before trying to participate, make sure that you follow @gospo


  • RANK:30 minimum!!
  • You must Up vote this post and you must make sure that your vote value is more than 0.01 otherwise you cannot qualify
  • You can participate in this contest until SUNDAY the 8th of July 2018, 12:01 PM, EST time

What is the prize of the contest?

There will be 2 winners in this contest.

PlaceFollowerPrize SP delegation for 1 week
1st place@---------200 SP delegation
2nd place@---------100 SP delegation


How will the winners be elected?

  • The winners will be elected at the end of the 7 days payout period for this post, using to choose the winners out of the followers who fulfilled the rules, randomly.
  • The first place will be the qualified follower who will be randomly elected at the first rolling. The same way the second place will be the following randomly elected at the second rolling and so the third place too. In the winners announcement article a video will be posted showing how the winners have been elected.

The Signature of the captain:


Browsing Kapetanios wishes you all good luck and please Pay attention to the rules, follow, and upvote this post if you want to qualify!!


I do but i think i not qualify

I'm very sorry!

No problem, it happen due to my low vp , I participate next round.

Very nice contest but I no qualify :(

Maybe someday. :(

Great contest! Resteemed, followes, upvoted, thank you

Thanks but you need to have a minimum 0.01 power vote to qualify