CONTEST: Portraits of Vietnam Steemians 2018

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I joined Steemit on March 2018, where I found a fast growing Vietnam Community. It was a great opportunity for me to get to know many nice Vietnamese people from many different backgrounds and also from many different parts of the world, including those inside and outside of Vietnam. I’m happy to be a member of the Vietnam Community. And I’m so proud to see a community that has solidarity and support as its core values, with each person adding their value to the Vietnam Community and also to the wider Steemit community.

Together, we work towards reducing negative behavior and guiding members to use Steemit in a way which adds more value to the wider Steemit community and in doing so, allows the member to get greater rewards on Steemit. I can see the Vietnam Community developing in a solid and positive way. I think there are many other Vietnamese who have thought the same and feel the same way.

I’m sure there are many great stories on this developing journey of our Vietnam Community. So I created this small contest as an opportunity to listen to everyone’s stories and share them with the wider community.

  • The aim of this contest is for you to nominate a person in the Vietnam Community that you like and are inspired by. I will then draw the nominees in the 3 winning posts.

The contest is called:



How to write an entry for the contest?

  • You can write the post in any style you like, whether it’s a long story, poem, a video or even a song!
  • They can be anyone in our community, leaders or teenagers, housewives or students, existing members or new members …
  • Your post should highlight what it is about this person that has made you want to write about them, what makes you really admire them. You can write about their background, their stories, ... And ofcourse, their journey on Steemit and in the Vietnam Community would be important details to share.
  • Be creative, write what you really want to share. Your perspective of that person can be different from others.


Judges and Sponsors

  • Our special judge @rasamuel will help me to pick the 3 most inspirational posts as prize winners. This is a great honor for our community as @rasamuel is a Curie Curator who is in charge of the Gaming Sub-community.
  • Our special sponsors for prizes are @teamvn and @kabir88.
    * @teamvn is a bot created and managed by a group of Vietnamese and supports Vietnam Community through many positive activities (guild, upvote, curate, …) in its long term projects.
    * @kabir88 is a finance consultant from England who likes to encourage good contents and community projects.


Prizes for ALL the post creators

All writers who follow the rules and deadline of this contest will receive 100% upvote from me, @kabir88 and @kbr (total upvote value of ~$0.4, but it may change up or down depending on the Steem price and voting power).


Prizes for the 3 WINNING post creators

3 winning writers will receive 100% upvote from @teamvn (on your comment, about $0.3 but it may increase up to the delegation from the community) and receive SBD from @kabir88.
* First prize: 6 SBD
* Second prize: 5 SBD
* Third prize: 4 SBD


Prizes for the person nominated

The prize for 3 persons who are nominated in the winning posts, will be 3 unique portraits in scribbled style, drawn by me - so try and include some pictures of the person in your nomination post.

The portrait drawings are gifts from me to these people for being a part of the Vietnam Community and inspiring others.


Rules for entering your post for the competition

  • 1.- Your post must have the title "Portraits of Vietnam Steemians 2018: [your text]" and 2 tags "livvu-contest" and "vn-contest"
  • 2.- You don’t have to be Vietnamese, but you need to write about a person you like in the Vietnam Community on Steemit.
  • 3.- You can write more than 1 post for this contest, I will read them all and it will increase your chances to be winner.
  • 4.- The post must have at least 800 words. You can write in English or Vietnamese, but we suggest writing in English to help the post reach a wider community.
  • 5.- You can ask the person you write about for support, like answering any question, maybe an interview and to provide some pictures …
  • 6.- Upvote & Resteem this post so more people know this contest.


Deadline to submit your entry

Your entry should be posted before end of 30th June 2018 (Vietnamese time)
Any posts published after the contest closes will not be considered for the contest.


Special Thanks

Thank you @rasamuel, @kabir88 and @teamvn for your great support to this contest and specially your love for Vietnam Community.

Thank you in advance to all participants for sharing your stories, I treasure your time and your effort to make good contents.



cảm ơn contest của chị, giải thưởng thú vị này :v

Tham gia cuộc thi nhé @tranquoccuong !!

vâng ạ, em sẽ tham gia, nhưng chắc vài hôm nữa, dạo này e chạy xô bận quá :v

Vậy hay quá em !!

chạy xô đi học hè ạ :v

Uhm chị qua thời đó rồi nên hiểu ah. Cố lên em @tranquoccuong !!

Contest tuyệt vời. Cám ơn chị đã tổ chức

Thanks em @anfood !! Hy vọng mọi người tham gia nhiều!

Giải thưởng to đùng chị @livvu ơi, em thích nhất cái giải được vẽ chân dung ấy, ước gì....

Hihi @lantracy đã truyền nhiều cảm xúc trong các cuộc thi của cộng đồng ah. Tham gia cuộc thi này luôn nhé!!

Ok chị ,để em mài bút từ hôm nay

Được viết nhiều bài ah @lantracy

vâng chị

Cảm ơn @lantracy tham gia cuộc thi nhé!! Mong đọc tiếp những bài viết tiếp theo của @lantracy

It's such a great honor to be given the opportunity to judge this amazing contests! You guys rock!


Thank you very much @rasamuel !! It's great to have your input and we really appreciate you taking part. I am looking forward to seeing what type of posts we get. It should be very interesting!

What at lovely thought! Kudos to you for coming up with a way to show your appreciation. If only I knew someone from the Vietnam community I would definitely nominate one. However, I am only coming across this community now. Good luck to all of you and may your community continue to prosper.

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Thank you very much @leeart for your kind wishes !!

Increíble trabajo @livvu, te felicito. Saludos.

Gracias @francisftlp !!

Wow you’re running a contest! You are so great!

Thank you so much for your encouragement @vaansteam !! I hope the community find it interesting to join !!