Resteem Dash giveaway contest

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Dash is up 11% and to celebrate I have created a little give away contest.

Rules are simple

  • Resteem and comment include QR of your dash receiving adress
  • First 10 Resteems get 0.1 Dash
  • Best Original Comment wins an aditional 0.5 Dash

Dashcoin is one of my favorite currencies enjoy the free dash and dont forget by resteeming your giving your followers a chance to get some as well :) Just in case things did get crazy with this post I might consider adding more prizes.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I post the link for my Steemit Cointelegraph Interview in Spanish.


I share Your joy. With pleasure to take part. resteem ^.^

Can you add your dash qr for receive? @madlenfox

XuLvst55b4r6EFGr6QvHVXk1xqgGfvsLk6 ^.^

Sent, congrats was busy posting again sorry didnt see the comment. Your the only one so far :(

With impatience I will wait for the link to Your interview. Thanks and good luck.

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Spread the Dash :), resteemed.

It's been quite an impressive rise for dash over the past couple of years, cheers!


Sent! big thanks for taking part!

Awesome, Thanks!

From Dark to Dash it's sure making a lot of cash!


Sent thanks soo much for participating!!

Thanks for your generosity!

Missed your post as I had to dash off to Bed. Lol.
But I'm wide awake now. This DASH thing has so much potential. I have been mining some through Genesis Mining, but wouldn't have been much better off to have used the mining contract BTC to by DASH direct.

missed the boat?

weird, I just got this comment and its from 3 days ago

some strange stuff going on at the moment, I can log in at all on my iPhone on safari, chrome or even using esteem app

Go Dash. Thanks.

I love dash
give some to me,
its even better from
mallorcaman for free :-)

Sending now!

received, thanks :-)

I love Dash :)

Thanks for taking part have sent already! please take a minute to read my cointelegraph interview if you are not too busy!

Received! Thanks, and I will look at it.

Digital Cash <--> DASH

Dash is my favorite cash!ok,this is just a rime,i have a few different coins,but 0 dash. :)

hey @andy23 sorry payouts have all been made already good luck next time and thanks for following

No problem,i am your new follower! :)