#6 Minnowhelper Writing Contest!!!!

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Hello Steemians,
welcome to the #6 writing contest!!!

Writing Contest #6.png

Which is the prize?

All the SBD accumulated in the @minnowhelpercont account until the contest ends!
the @minnowhelperteam, makes donations daily for the contest and every day there are donations from the users of the blacklist. (http://www.minnowhelper.com/blacklist.txt).

Each user is invited to make a donation to reward the authors who participate in the # 6 contest.

The prize will be distributed among all the participants of the contest.

Rules of the contest.

  1. Write a Creative and Original Post (more than 500 Words). Important, your publication must be a new Post. Post greater than 1 day will not be accepted.
  2. Resteem this Post. This will help other users to take part in the contest.
  3. Vote this message with 100%. This will help fund future Prize funds.
  4. Register your publication by sending 0.010 SBD to @minnowhelpercont.

With the payment of the subscription you will get one upvote between 0 and 100% of @minnowhelpercont and one upvote of between 0 and 10% of the other Minnowhelper Bots.


  • Is there a specific topic?
    The subject of writing is free. Each author must be creative, that's why we do not want to restrict their creativity by giving them a work theme.
  • Can I submit more than one publication?
    Of course, we want the efforts of the authors to be rewarded. The more publications you publish, the more likely you are to win the contest.
  • How do I know if my post is qualified?
    Your Post will receive an upvote from @minnowhelpercont if it meets the requirements of the contest.
  • When is the next contest?
    We recommend you to follow us, so every time we publish a new contest or updates of the Bot, you will be informed.
  • When is the deadline to participate?
    Check the countdown on our website. http://www.minnowhelper.com
  • Who wins the contest?
    All users who comply with all the rules of the contest

Important: if for any reason a user does not meet any of the conditions, will not be entitled to request part of the prize or refund of the registration.

Note: Transactions by mistake or with invalid URLs. They are considered a donation to the contest.

At this point, we would like to thanks all users who use @minnowhelper daily and especially those who participate in the contest. Good luck to you all.

Happy Bidding & Have fun!
The @minnowhelper team.

do you have any questions? contact us by Slack here!!!


Great! Hope I'll be able to find time to take part :)

Hellow @minnowhelper,

I don't know if I should put my post here, but anyway, here is my entry


Hello @jadams2k18,
your entry is automatically accepted with the subscription and then the other points are verified manually.
Thanks for participating.

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Here's my entry


I forgot to submit it until now

I'm sorry

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