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Hello to all steemians. 

I make a contest like this to support minnow like me.

So this is why I titled my contest  LET MY ART SPEAK IN YOUR MIND.

Now I want you to make a story what you see or explain in my art.

You make your own blog using my art that I made.

And make a title (LET MY ART SPEAK IN YOUR MIND)

Here are the rules:

1.must be a follower 

2. upvote and resteem  this post

3. comment down the link of your entry

4. use this tag #mrminnow


1st prize  3sbd 

2nd prize 2sbd 

3rd prize 1sbd

All prize will be direct to your wallet

Note: if this contest will be successful the next  contest I will give  a higher prize.

Like 40% of author reward and the same 3sbd for the 1st prize. And for those who wants to be a Judge or donate for the prize just massage me in facebook messenger.

This contest will end after 7 days and I will announce the winner.

Thank you and goodluck


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