Content Contest - 100 HIVE Prize Pool - September 2022 Theme: Hungry Robot Chicken Club

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Content Contest by Visionary Studios

September 2022 Theme: Hungry Robot Chicken Club
100 HIVE Prize Pool

Contest Rules:

  • Create content related to Hungry Robot Chicken Club. It can be a blog post, artwork, video, meme or any other type of creative and informative content.

  • Share your content in the Visionary Studios HIVE Community. Feel free to use cross-post.

  • Share your HIVE post to any OTHER Social Media site. Link both your HIVE post AND the social media site you shared it to in the comment section below. Be sure to tag HRCC if sharing on Twitter!

1st place: 70 HIVE
2nd place: 20 HIVE
3rd place: 10 HIVE

Contest concludes in one month. Best of luck!

About Hungry Robot Chicken Club:

Sticky's The Finger Joint is home to the finest gourmet chicken tenders in the United States. Sticky's currently has 14 brick-and-mortar locations in New York and New Jersey, with plans to franchise in the near future. Hungry Robot Chicken Club was created via a partnership between @visionarystudios and Sticky's The Finger Joint. Hungry Robot Chicken Club holders will receive an initial set of benefits featuring in-store discounts and exclusive access to merchandise specially designed for HRCC NFT holders.

Hungry Robot Chicken Club has partnered with, the industry's best digital app and web ordering platform, to create an online dashboard ( where NFT holders can connect their wallets to access their exclusive benefits. Hungry Robot Chicken Club will work hand-in-hand with Lunchbox (and the underlying data and metrics available via their app) to update, adjust, and improve benefits on a regular basis to ensure significant value is constantly being delivered to each HRCC NFT holder.

Beyond discounts and merch, HRCC members will have access to:
Secret menu items
Voting on new menu items and limited-time offerings
IRL and virtual events

Hungry Robot Chicken Club will look to capitalize on Web3 capabilities to increase community involvement and deliver value to each holder.

Learn more about Hungry Robot Chicken Club by visiting the Discord:

HRCC Links:
Holder Dashboard:
HRCC Mint Link -
HRCC Discord -
HRCC Twitter -
Visionary Studios -




Great contest here..
I'll be sure to write some stuffs 👌

look forward to seeing it!

Awesome. Post coming for this contest for sure!!


I will also upvote any hive posts made 100%!

Great initiative! 🦾

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @jagoe, @awildovasquez, @jomancub ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

This is awesome and I won't hesitate to join

look forward to seeing your content!


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