Daily Contest Leo Edition: How Do We Get Crypto Mainstream?

in #contest3 years ago

Do we need a big superbowl ad?

How do we get main crypto and dapps to go mainstream? Do we need to make it easier for people to use or do we need to have coins be worth a lot more before people are paying attention. I think value is a big part of it, look how popular steemit was when coins were worth 5 dollars plus. We were actually a top 1k site in traffic.

Unfortunately right now the market feels deflated and no matter what you do you cannot earn good money.

What do you think we need to do to tip crypto into the right direction and bring in the masses?

Upvotes for everyone!



Stores need to be opened that accept different tokens. Use case, not just advertising. Or at least advertising for use case. Transfer need to be fast like interact (steem)

I think the most viable way (at least right now) is to reduce bureaucracy and facilitate access for the general population (who still see this market as very resistant, especially with regard to investments).

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